4 Tips for Writing a College Book Report!

English assignments can often be tedious, especially when your teacher asks you to write a book report for homework or homework. College kids struggle with a lot of things. And writing a college book report is one of them.

So if you’re someone at school who needs to write a book report, or maybe need to hire a math homework helper but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some super helpful tips to help you write a great book report for your homework or college homework.

1. Read the book first

Many students work on their book reports without having read the book first. This has become fairly common among college students. They hesitate to the point of writing the book review a day before the deadline. So they don’t have time to go through the whole book.

This habit can affect the quality of the book report. Reading the whole book will help you better understand what the author is trying to say or suggest. Also, as you leaf through the book, you will discover points that will appeal to you, and perhaps only you. This will allow you to speak at length on this point. You cannot do the same by simply reading a summary of this book. Reading the whole will help you make the report unique as it should be.

2. Identify the key characters and plot points

As you read the book, you need to take notes and highlight important points. Otherwise all reading will be wasted. After all, the purpose of reading the book is to identify all the major plot points and get an in-depth look at the characters (if any).

If you take notes on the characters, you’ll have to dissect them. That means you can’t just talk about her physical appearance and be done with it. You also need to examine their character traits, what kind of emotions they show, how they behave in certain situations, their relationships with other prominent characters, and so on. Diving into the character analysis for the key characters can help you build on the book account.

Then come the plot points. This is where you need to look for the main storylines (we’ll talk about dissecting them in the next section).

Apart from that, you also need to identify the course of the different plots. This allows you to think about the entire book and see if the author did justice to the story and its characters.

3. Think about the main storylines

When writing the report, you may need to think about the main storylines. And for that, you need to look closely at these arches. It can get difficult to do this alone. After all, not everyone can understand all the storylines. Therefore, you must review existing reports or questions and answers related to this book.

The English answers on sweetstudy.com (formerly Homework Market) can help you with that. Students often ask intriguing questions about such storylines and topics on the platform. And they always get an answer from experienced authors and experts in this field. You too can post your questions or thoughts on the platform and see what the professionals have to say.

Once you’ve gone through these answers, you can compare them to your results and start working on the actual report.

4. Establish a structure for writing the report

Book reports usually follow a simple structure. First you have the introduction to the book, its main plot and what to expect from it. The conclusion covers how the book reads, what it gets right, where it hits, and what the overall impression is (if any).

The middle or body of the report must be comprehensive. In it, you can break down the plot, characters, including major plot points and twists, focus on specific incidents or characters, and so on. The size of this part depends on how big the report needs to be.

Many teachers want you to contribute to the report as well. However, not everyone will ask for it. So clear this part with your teacher before you start. If you’re prompted to fill in your input, do it a little technically. You can get emotional in some cases, but try not to make things overwhelming. Instead, stay constructive. One could even go so far as to compare the book with other works by the author.

By ensuring all of this, you can create the perfect book report. All you have to do is execute these tips correctly and your report will look exactly how you want it. And then you’ll be better prepared to write your resume when the time comes.

College book review article and permission to publish here provided by Roger Dutta. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on January 30th, 2022.

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