5 Critical Work Injury Attorney Traits!

There are all kinds of lawyers. They specialize in everything from corporate to environmental law to employment injury attorneys.

There are also various reasons why a person might enter the legal profession. Some want to do it so they can defend the oppressed classes of society. Some want to get rich, and some lawyers make a lot of money.

When you suffer a serious accident at work, this is a time when you may need a lawyer by your side. However, you don’t want to create a list of attorneys in your area and pick a name at random. You should research them thoroughly to determine if they are right for you.

Here are five key characteristics of a work injury attorney that you should never overlook.

You want an empathetic person

Before you get injured at work, you might not know how often it happens. Across all professions and industries, there are an average of over 7 million work-related accidents per year. They can appear in areas such as:

  • farming and farming
  • construction
  • The retail industry

You can go to work one morning happy and ready for the next day. The next thing you know, an injury blinds you and can change your life forever.

If you need a lawyer to take care of the person or organization responsible, they need to understand that you are probably going through one of the most challenging times in your life. You are suffering and cannot simply go on with your everyday life. That’s the whole point of lawsuit: they can’t go back to business as usual because of the scope of the injury.

Your lawyer can be the figurative shoulder you cry on during this time. Your family members should support you in this process, but you will also spend a lot of time with your lawyer.

If they’re cold and uncaring, you might not feel like they’re all on your side. A lawyer should not be robotic when dealing with you. They should see you as a person and acknowledge your current difficulties.

You must be wild

You also won’t want a personal injury attorney who doesn’t know how to advocate for you, in or out of court. You could sue:

Regardless of who you target, they will most likely have lawyers on their side as well. Your attorney and hers will become entangled, and you want someone to represent you impressively.

Suppose you are suing your company for unsafe conditions that caused a slip. You broke your leg and now you want to take him to court because the professional association insurance does not adequately cover your medical expenses.

Your company’s attorney or legal team may try to get you to accept a token compensation package. Your attorney may tell them their offer is insufficient, and they may firmly decline if they know the opposing attorney is attempting to make you a low-ball offer.

They may encourage you to go ahead and take the lawsuit to court. You don’t need a shriveling flower that withers when the opposition presses. Because of this, it is a good idea to get in touch with the Vaziri Law Group to see what can be done to maximize your chances of success.

You must be personable

You should find an attorney you can talk to easily. You may see them every day or several times a week for quite a while before resolving your lawsuit.

They may be competent, but you still may not get along with them. Some people might rub you the wrong way, despite their credentials.

You and your attorney should be comfortable. They should be able to tell that they respect you and don’t just see you as a dollar sign.

Some lawyers don’t know how to talk to people like people and you might choose to go with someone else if the first two options don’t seem able to converse with you respectfully.

You must be knowledgeable

You also need a lawyer who knows what he is doing. That probably disqualifies someone who’s brand new and just passed the bar in the past week.

You want a lawyer who can cite legal precedent without hesitation if necessary. You also want someone who can tell you right away if a settlement offer makes sense or if the opposing attorney is trying to outsmart you.

You should talk to the attorney you are considering about cases similar to yours that they have worked on and the results before hiring them. Unless they specialize in industrial injury cases or have never argued before a judge or jury, you can probably rule them out. You want to feel that your future is in the best hands.

You want an attorney with the right connections

Your lawyer will represent you in court, but they must also have a team working for you behind the scenes. You want an attorney or law firm with experienced investigators who can review your version of the incident if the opposing attorney disputes it. Your company might deny that things happened the way you said they would or they might try to put you down in some way.

If your two attorney options are an individual or a larger firm, you might choose the larger firm if they have better investigators and experts to call for testimony. However, keep in mind that if you come out on top, the larger company could take more of your profits.

You need to choose an employment injury attorney or law firm carefully as there is likely to be a lot of money at stake. However, the result is not only financial.

You may want the money to pay your hospital bills, physical therapy bills, medications, etc., but you also want to win because it will hold the individual or company that harmed you accountable for your health and safety. You’ll probably enjoy it as much as you enjoy your winnings.

Attorney’s article on workplace injuries and permission for publication here provided by Susan Melony. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on December 17th, 2020.

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