7 Ways to Lead Construction Workers!

It is difficult to find qualified workers and even more difficult because construction is considered to be an industry with high turnover rates. Construction workers often leave the industry due to a lack of benefits, poor pay and underemployment. Management needs to find ways to create a more positive work environment for their employees.

Construction management is a complex job that involves juggling multiple tasks and deadlines. To help construction managers and executives, here are some effective ways to manage construction workers:

1. Offer competitive pay

Competitive pay is a powerful way to attract and retain employees. Employees want to work for companies that offer more than just a paycheck because they appreciate good benefits and opportunities for advancement.

Many construction workers are underpaid for the hard work and relatively hazardous jobs they perform. To maintain a highly skilled workforce, pay them competitive wages.

Competition in the construction industry is fierce, and companies need to make their employees feel valued when they do a good job. A transparent compensation strategy also creates an effective way to manage employees by ensuring everyone knows how they are being compensated for their work.

2. Define company culture and purpose

An organization’s culture and purpose shape the work experience of its employees. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to have a clear idea of ​​what they are doing well, where they need to improve and how they want to be perceived in the market.

This helps the company manage its employees more effectively so that their efforts are aligned with its needs. A company should articulate its mission statement for all employees concisely and clearly so that it can be understood by all employees.

3. Make sure employees are working in the right job role

One of the most important tasks of a construction manager is to ensure that his employees are in the right position. This contributes to both productivity and efficiency.

Understanding what each position entails is important if you want to ensure employees are in the right role. When it comes to the skills required for a construction job, there is no magic formula. You need to know what position fits a person’s skillset in order for them to be effective at their job.

The key is for the construction company’s management team to communicate with employees and understand what they expect from their work environment. In this way, the management team can ensure that all employees are in the right role.

4. Communicate regularly, clearly and honestly

Typically, the success of a project depends on good communication. Communication is also important to maintain a good relationship with employees. When you communicate regularly, clearly and honestly with your employees, they feel valued and respected.

Here are five tips for effective communication with your employees:

  • Develop an understanding of each individual’s personality and communication style
  • Be consistent in your approach to communication
  • Express the expectations of the other
  • Find out about changes or projects

5. Use a collaboration and management tool

A collaboration and communication tool can help you manage chaos and improve productivity on your job site by giving you better real-time insight into what’s happening on the field by enabling more accessible communication between managers, Allows Supervisors and Supervisors, Sub-Supervisors, Team Leaders and Contractors in your workforce.

If you manage construction workers, you know that every minute counts. And if you’re still using paper timesheets or an app that doesn’t track your employees’ GPS location, you can bet you’re losing money on payroll. With a GPS time clock app, you can see exactly where your employees are and when they clock in and clock out. This way you can be sure that they work the hours you pay them for.

Additionally, a GPS time clock app can help you manage your construction projects more effectively. By seeing where your employees are and how much time they are spending on each task, you can adjust your project plan as needed. So if you want to save time and money on your construction projects, make sure you grab a GPS time clock app.

Many construction managers use a workforce management tool. Using these tools is an effective way to schedule your employees’ time slots and ensure they are as productive as possible. It also allows managers to access all their projects in one place to more effectively manage those who work remotely as well.

6. Invest in employee training and development

Investing in employee education and training is an effective way to manage construction workers. It helps them become better educated and more knowledgeable in a particular profession and develop new skills.

Construction companies could invest in employee training and education, but simply spending money on training is not enough. They also need to invest in their skills so they can better qualify for the jobs they hold now or in the future.

Employees are often more engaged in their work when they have the opportunity to learn, so it is worth investing in their education for any company. When employees know that the company cares about their skills, they are also willing to invest more in the success of that company.

7th cto celebrate success

Recognize and celebrate successes when they occur, not just annually or quarterly. Recognition is an effective motivator and a powerful management tool. When recognizing achievements, employers should be candid, specific, and timely.

It’s important to show appreciation for your employees and acknowledge their contributions. It improves morale, acts as an encouraging tactic, allows for feedback, and makes for a positive workplace experience.


Managing construction workers is not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning and organization to be successful. With all the problems that come with managing people, it’s easy to lose focus on what’s important. To help you overcome these challenges, consider these seven ways to manage construction workers to make your job easier and your workplace more efficient.

Article by construction workers and permission for publication here provided by Bailey Hudson. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on July 26th, 2021.

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