AFS Logistics launches scholarship program for students pursuing a career in logistics

SHREVEPORT, La. (November 7, 2022) – AFS Logistics ( announces a new scholarship program that offers financial support, full-time career experience and mentoring to young talent pursuing a career in logistics. In addition to tuition, book and lab fees for two courses per semester covered by AFS Logistics, scholars learn the logistics business from experienced professionals through a full-time entry-level account coordinator position with the company.

“It is an incredibly exciting time to build a career in logistics. This program gives aspiring young professionals the opportunity to do what our team does every day—help customers solve their logistics challenges,” said Sharmen Pennington, vice president, human resources, AFS. “We have been recognized as one of the top companies in logistics and are excited to share our culture and the opportunities for success that the industry offers for future professionals through this new program.”

The AFS Career Accelerator Scholarship Program is open to Louisiana High School graduates pursuing a degree in logistics or other business-related studies at a state college in Northwest Louisiana. Once in the program and meeting the requirement to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better, participants gain full-time work experience with the AFS team in the Account Management department.

In this highly engaged role, program participants will build a solid foundation of logistics and business knowledge while adhering to rigorous standards for exceptional customer experience. Through the program, the coordinator benefits from the mentorship of proven leaders and experiences the collaboration and support that comes with working as an AFS teammate.

“This investment in the success of future logisticians is also an investment in the success of our company,” says Pennington. “With the industry and our business poised for such significant growth, it is imperative that companies like ours take an active role in raising awareness of the opportunities that logistics can offer and that we are the next generation of business people support financially.”

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About AFS Logistics

AFS Logistics helps more than 1,800 companies in more than 35 countries drive sustainable savings and operational improvements while transforming their logistics operations into competitive, customer-centric differentiators. As a non-asset based and non-asset oriented 3PL, AFS offers a range of logistics services including freight and parcel inspection, parcel cost management, LTL cost management and transportation management including freight brokerage and forwarding. Founded in 1982, AFS employs a team of more than 380 logistics teammates in eight major locations across the United States and Canada. AFS is a regular part of the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies and was named one of the 2022 Top 100 3PL by a respected logistics publication. To learn more, visit

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