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The technical aspects of Bitcoin have stunned every possible participant in the cryptocurrency industry as Bitcoin is a deadly mishmash of all-encompassing technical aspects such as peer-to-peer network, blockchain, mining and the proof-of-work mechanism. Out of all these technical aspects and the characteristics of blockchain technology, it is one of the hottest technology models in the field.

Blockchain is subject to myriad features such as immutability, transparency, and more.

The function of smart contracts has multiple branches altogether. There are few competent blockchain-based models derived from the concept of smart contracts, such as , which presents itself best in the outsourcing of business processes for order processes. Mentioned below are a number of blockchain all-inclusive features, so what are you waiting for?

Let’s review the features of blockchain.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a publicly distributed database in the form of a ledger, and moreover, Bitcoin is the scalable protocol on top of blockchain technology. Blockchain was first introduced by the bitcoin complex, and the core notion of blockchain derives from a gigantic public database that only individuals in the explicit industry can access.

Blockchain models have recently gained an extraordinary level of institutional involvement, and almost every industry faces few blockchain-based models. There are now tons of cryptocurrencies complexed on the blockchain model introduced by Bitcoin.

Here are some of blockchain’s top-notch features.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are considered to be the most intriguing feature of the Bitcoin blockchain. Smart contracts are basically a set of code that demonstrates an agreement between two parties. Smart contacts have received an extraordinary amount of attention as the function of the blockchain allows explicit parties to record an agreement without any third-party involvement in the complex.

In addition, these smart contracts do not offer the possibility of modification and mutability, and the cost of recording contracts in the blockchain of the Bitcoin complex is zero. In short, smart contracts are immutable contracts that are valid until the contract is resolved by consent of both parties.

These smart contracts basically reduce the costs for intermediaries and third parties while recording contracts as two parties can simply record contracts using the blockchain hassle-free.


Immutability sets the Bitcoin blockchain apart from other database systems. The immutability of Bitcoin shows the extent of the immutability of the blockchain. The traditional database systems are loaded with countless bugs and easily modified through the hacking elements. However, the blockchain offers nominal opportunities for change and mutability; You may be wondering how.

Bitcoin’s blockchain is provided with the smaller component blocks, and these blocks are further provided with reference to the previous block. The reference to a previous block forms a connecting chain between those blocks, and to change this explicit chain you must change every possible block. The immutability of the blockchain is accordingly maintained by the peer-to-peer network of the bitcoin complex.

The peer-to-peer network is governed by a system of nodes, and these nodes are equipped with an offline copy of the blockchain; and if any hacking element pushes to change the blockchain, the hacking element or malware must change more than half of the blockchain copy.


Bitcoin and every development associated with Bitcoin is decentralized, which shows the fact that blockchain is correspondingly decentralized. The feature defines that no government agencies are involved in the blockchain complex; In short, even higher authorities do not have the potential to change the blockchain complex.

Even more so, accessing the blockchain does not require any permission at all to access the bitcoin blockchain. Blockchain, or Public Distribution Ledger, is easily accessible to all sorts of people in the Bitcoin complex, and even you can download the blockchain.

Gigantic database to keep!

Blockchain is the largest public database there is that anyone can access. In contrast to the traditional database, the potential of the Bitcoin blockchain is used much more. The fact that the current size of the blockchain is 350 GB and the size of a single block is close to a megabyte may surprise you. You can predict the number of blocks present in the blockchain.


The security of the blockchain is taken into account in contrast to the traditional database. The cryptographic hashing function of the bitcoin complex is the outstanding reason for blockchain security. The Bitcoin algorithm uses the secure 256 hash algorithm, which is a one-way hash function that converts every possible message into a hash function that is 256 digits in length.

All the more security of the blockchain is suitably embraced by the existence of decentralization and smart contracts. The only fact and information disclosed by the bitcoin blockchain is the wallet address, which is the public identity of the bitcoin complex.

Blockchain article features and permission to publish here provided by Jean Nichols. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on July 29th, 2021.

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