Alliance Automotive Group France uses Manhattan Active Warehouse Management and Manhattan Active Transportation Management to meet demand for next-day delivery

Manhattan Associates Inc. announced that as part of a strategic initiative, Alliance Automotive Group France (AAG), France’s largest independent distributor of truck and automotive parts, will deploy Manhattan Active Warehouse Management in its latest state-of-the-art warehouse facility to expand its product range to expand, improve customer service, reduce order processing times and reduce its carbon footprint.

A subsidiary of the Genuine Parts Company, AAG France supplies tens of thousands of regional workshops through a network of 16 warehouses and more than 1000 stores offering vehicle maintenance and repairs, parts, paint, PPE, workshop equipment and even tools. The ambition behind the construction of a new 50,000m² state-of-the-art warehouse south of Paris is to demonstrate its operational excellence and create a hub to supply the entire country.

“In a market where competition is so fierce and unrelenting, it is necessary to constantly reinvent oneself,” commented André Falbo, Transformation Director AAG France. “We realized we needed to take our customer promise to the next level to support growth by expanding our product offering and reducing lead times. We also understood from an environmental point of view how important it is to minimize our CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.”

To reduce processing and delivery times to under 24 hours, optimize packaging and route planning, and reduce power consumption, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption (related to transport), AAG turned to France for its latest cloud native warehousing and transportation management solutions to Manhattan Associates.

Falbo continued, “Manhattan was chosen because of their proven ability to support complex, high-volume, multichannel processes in an automated environment with companies like Exotec and a track record within the GPC Group with more than 40 installations worldwide. We anticipate reducing our CO2 emissions and fuel consumption associated with transportation with Manhattan Active TM , while the Exotec system uses 50% less energy than traditional automation systems.

“The maturity of the Manhattan technology and its roadmap, not to mention the attention to detail the team brought to the proof-of-concept phases and its ability to seamlessly integrate with automation/robotics specialists like Exotec were important factors for us when we made the decision to unify our warehousing and transportation management offering,” concluded Falbo.

Sebastien Lefebure, Managing Director for Southern Europe at Manhattan Associates, added: “The AAG France project is a unique opportunity to combine best-practice technology with the added dimension of social and environmental requirements – particularly with a focus on the quality of working conditions and Reducing AAG France’s carbon footprint.

“Nevertheless, our unified approach to supply chain innovation and third-party integration through our cloud-native solutions and APIs made our solutions and team a perfect fit. We look forward to the challenges that lie ahead as we deploy to more parts of Europe in the future,” concluded Lefebure.

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