An Overview of Magento PWA (Progressive Web App)!

A progressive online app, often referred to as a PWA, such as B. Magento PWA is a web application that combines modern web technologies and design principles to create a reliable, fast and responsive user experience.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are a relatively new idea proposed by the Google team in 2015. They turn a standard website into an application that can be used directly from the mobile browser.

However, when such a solution is launched from a desktop browser, it behaves like a regular website Magento PWA development service. All major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge currently support PWA solutions.

To convert your website to PWA, the property must first be set according to the Progressive Web App checklist items.

Use of secure data transport technology HTTPS (instead of HTTP); adaptive/customizable coding of website pages; and a unique URL for each web page.

If you are converting websites to PWA on Magento platform, you also need to make sure that you are using platform version 2.0 or higher.

Some reasons to use Magento PWAs:

1. With the Google extension, you can speed up your website and improve its ranking in search results.

The use of PWA technology eliminates the need to reload pages. Due to the availability of ServiceWorkers and the client-side storage API, instant loading, fast response, fast UI ease of use, and overall excellent performance are achievable. The use of PWA technology eliminates the need to reload pages.

As a result, PWA pre-saves elements of the web application, which results in faster loading when the customer next visits your website. With ServiceWorkers, you can manage large numbers of caches, reduce traffic, and keep user data offline. PWAs combine the best features of native apps with the web.

2. Your customers don’t need to download any applications to use the website.

PWA can be accessed with a standard browser. This makes your website appear like a natural app that has been downloaded and installed on the device.

3. A PWA user can quickly browse your business when they are on the air or in a location where the network is unavailable.

Poor cellular network conditions are no longer a problem as PWAs detect them and work offline. In addition, your customers can use all modules and functions of your PWA. Even if you book and book offline, the procedure remains dormant until the PWA is available again.

4. Facilitates shopper’s re-access to the online store and improves engagement.

PWA can be added to the home screen of a mobile device like a native app (Add to home screen option + push notification function). Additionally, PWAs work well in full-screen mode. The program displays without the browser’s URL bar and navigation tools at the bottom of the page.

5. PWA drives your conversion to new heights.

PWAs can take your conversions to the next level due to all of the above benefits. Customer conversion rates are unsustainable due to high reliability, improved speed, user engagement and offline work.

Magento’s Progressive Web App architecture is designed to demonstrably advance your website across the board.

Is a PWA required for everyone?

For the sake of absolute objectivity, we note that for 9 out of 10 Magento 2 consumers it may be appropriate to prioritize PWA. In this context, PWA is still an experimental term.

So, when you start moving a Magento 2 solution to PWA requirements, you cannot choose from the full range of specialized modules of Magento Mobile App Development Service available in Magento Store. Simply because most of them contain code logic that relies on static page rendering. Additionally, there are currently no fully PWA compatible Magento 2 plugins available.

How to get started with Magento PWA?

There is no doubt that choosing a PWA is a difficult decision. However, the benefits of using a PWA outweigh the expenses.

There are several PWA add-ons for the online store. You can improve your customers’ shopping experience and increase income by upgrading your store with our complete PWA solutions.


If you’re keeping up to date, a progressive web app is a perfect choice for your Magento website. The technology has already shown excellent results and is in high demand among e-commerce site operators.

Magento PWA article and permission to publish here provided by Anastasia Sinokhina. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 20th, 2022.

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