Are you locking your tablets in the cabin adequately?

Digital devices like rugged tablets and connected in-dash head units are the backbone of an advanced transportation and logistics strategy, but they also distract the driver. This can be particularly problematic when they are not sufficiently locked down, allowing drivers to easily circumvent security restrictions.

Adding connected devices to the cabin of fleet vehicles is a double-edged sword for many companies. On the one hand, it allows for improved tracking of corporate assets and route management. On the other hand, it presents IT managers with a whole new set of challenges – such as how to prevent drivers from trying to download potentially distracting applications.

There are native features built into Android and iOS that help with this, but these cannot be trusted when security is paramount. Both Screen Pinning (Android) and Guided Access (iOS) are easy-to-easy to bypass for determined users – in some cases, a simple restart of the device is enough.

The best way to ensure your devices are completely locked down is with kiosk mode, which usually requires the help of a third-party software company. At Esper, we know a thing or two about securely locking devices across a wide variety of industries – trucking, transportation, and logistics aside.

We used this knowledge to help Summit Trucking completely lock their devices in the cabin to prevent drivers from accessing anything outside of the required apps approved by Summit’s IT department. They needed a way to turn off-the-shelf consumer tablets into custom-built devices that are tamper-resistant, and we delivered.

You need a reliable and virtually unbreakable kiosk mode

To solve Summit’s problem, we turned to our hardened kiosk mode. With Esper’s kiosk mode, Summit is able to completely lock down its devices and restrict access to unauthorized apps. Access to the Google Play Store, third-party app stores and all other restricted applications are all blocked with a virtually impenetrable system. Not only that, but it also blocks page loading, making it impossible for savvy drivers to circumvent these limitations with a simple APK download.

With our kiosk mode, Summit Trucking has full control over their devices. They can quickly and easily grant access to approved apps like fuel management, loyalty programs and more through Esper’s online console – and they can update this list at any time. As long as the device is online, changes are also nearly instantaneous.

The right software partner is crucial when security is paramount

Kiosk mode is not an uncommon feature for device management software. But not all kiosk mode options are created equal, and some are downright easy to bypass. In a world where tablets and other rugged devices take center stage in an £80,000 vehicle, keeping distractions to a minimum is not only necessary to protect company assets, but also for public safety.

If your devices aren’t tightly locked down with a system that’s impenetrable to even the most savvy user, then you’re leaving security to chance. If you don’t want to take this chance, it’s time for a better solution. Get in touch with Esper to find out how you can not only secure your corporate devices, but also manage them more flexibly than ever before.

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