Arendal adds electric port crane

in August 2022, Liebherr delivered a new LHM 550 to the port of Arendal in Norway. The port’s main trading terminal is in Eydehavn, just outside the town of Arendal.

Eydehavn is a port offering cranes and handling equipment for dry bulk, project cargo, offshore equipment and containers. With a lifting capacity of up to 144 tons, this LHM 550 offers the port the ability to support larger project and special cargo as well as streamlined bulk operations. Another outstanding asset that the Port of Arendal is striving for is Liebherr’s comprehensive and high standard of service. In addition to remote technical support and on-site field service, a wide selection of genuine parts helps keep the LHM 550 running for years to come.

Options for improved bulk handling, handling larger cargo and supporting more customers The four-rope version of the LHM 550 delivered to the customer in Arendal offers flexible applications for lifting cargo and materials. To increase efficiency in bulk material handling, the crane was supplied with a suitable grab coupled with Liebherr’s SmartGrip technology. This function can optimize the filling rate of the gripper by self-learning.

After just a few lifting cycles, SmartGrip learns how to optimize the utilization of the gripper. This reduces overloads to a minimum, increases handling capacity and relieves the crane driver at the same time. Bulk materials such as salt and sulfur are among the main resources handled by the LHM 550.

An upcoming project in the area that will benefit from the crane’s improvements is a new battery factory by Morrow Batteries.

Rune Hvass, Port Manager of Arendal Havn, comments: “After considering which LHM model would best suit our logistical needs, we finally settled on the LHM 550. More and more customers are demanding capacities for larger and heavier project and piece goods. In order to be able to better support a new battery factory that is to be built on site, the choice of a larger mobile harbor crane made the most sense.

“The high level of quality to which Liebherr builds its cranes and in particular the service concept that Liebherr offers were some of the main reasons why we decided to purchase a Liebherr mobile harbor crane.”

To reduce noise, the crane is equipped with noise protection material in the winch and machine room. The crane is also equipped with an electric drive to enable local CO2 emission-free operation. In addition, the complete LiDAT smartApp package for the LHM 550 was chosen. The LiDAT modules such as Maintenance and Optimization help monitor a variety of variables for better performance tracking and crane efficiency.

The Port of Arendal now has a new machine, well calibrated to effectively support the growing logistical needs of its customers. With a radius of 54 m, the LHM 550 is the perfect crane for handling bulk goods in the Capesize ship class. Container handling ships of the New Panamax class are also among the strengths of the crane. General cargo and heavy lifting of up to 144 tons complete the range of applications for the LHM 550.

To honor the delivery of the crane, the port held a special naming contest. Arendal Havn invited 25 groups from the region’s kindergartens, primary schools and lower secondary schools to take part in a naming competition for the port’s new giant. The winner of the competition was the Trollstubben kindergarten with the group Fjelltroll and Vetter. They received a prize of NOK 2,000 (approx. €200) and a harbor tour. Nicknamed “Hulken” or “Hulk” in English, the LHM 550 is based on the Marvel comic book character.

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