Artificial intelligence in energy management! (infographic)

When you think of artificial intelligence or AI, you might think of freaky, futuristic robots. However, as Fuel Fighter has noted in its recent research, AI is far more helpful than this futuristic, obscure, and seemingly detached perception might suggest. Artificial intelligence in energy management is fast becoming a part of our energy industries, helping to develop more efficient and safer energy generation techniques.

For example, Google Deep Mind is rapidly reducing the carbon footprint of the leading search engine and is trying to transfer this AI technology to other companies and industries. The software has reduced Google’s power consumption by 15% so far.

This success was so impressive that in the near future the British National Grid could also be under the control of Google’s Deep Mind.

In this infographic, we’ll help you learn more about the algorithms behind these energy-saving technologies and how AI is now having a major impact on the energy industry.

Discover how artificial intelligence is benefiting the energy sector and what we can expect from the AI ​​phenomenon in the not too distant future!

Artificial intelligence in energy management

There is no question that artificial intelligence, or “AI” for short, will play a major role in the future. And efficient energy management is vital to our environment and the sustainability of our planet. The convergence of AI and energy management is therefore an exciting prospect for the future!

Article on artificial intelligence in energy management and permission for publication here provided by Daisy Welch at fuel Originally published on Supply Chain Game Changer on May 16, 2018.

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