Benefits of Same Day Delivery for Small Businesses! (infographic)

Believe it or not, the world is shrinking. To be clear, the world isn’t physically shrinking, but instant communication definitely makes the world seem like it could fit in the palm of your hand, just like people today want same-day delivery.

For those of you who are still confused, technology has made communicating with others around the world so much easier. Not only has communication with friends and family members become more convenient, but also communication with major retailers around the world.

However, we now live in an era where the internet or e-commerce industry has evolved to the point where consumers can order and receive packages the same day, also known as same-day delivery.

Large retailers and shipping companies like Amazon and FedEx know that their customers want their ordered goods as quickly as possible. Therefore, creating a same-day delivery option has proven to be a very lucrative strategy that not only increases sales but also creates more loyal customers.

It is said that 88 percent of consumers are willing to pay a premium for same-day delivery or faster shipping options.

Not only is this proof that retailers are adapting to the wants and needs of their consumers, but also that same-day delivery options can really set your business apart from the rest of the pack. Additionally, companies that already have same-day delivery options built into their business model are already seeing an increase in conversion rates, a decrease in returns, and an increase in loyal customers.

As further evidence that same-day delivery options are poised to transform the e-commerce industry, the commercial use of delivery drones is emerging. Major retailers and companies such as Amazon and UPS have already started testing the use of these drones. So instead of waiting for your typical delivery man, in the near future a delivery drone will deliver your products to your doorstep.

Overall, our thirst for instant gratification is the catalyst for the advances in technology, and this technology continues to make our lives more convenient.

However, if you decide to integrate same-day delivery options for your business, be prepared to face some hurdles. However, depending on your ability to adapt to new technologies, adapting this system can take your business further than you can ever imagine. Check out this Wikibuy infographic for more details on how to integrate same-day delivery into your small business.

Article with same day delivery and permission to publish here provided by Bryce Battle on Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on November 20th, 2019.

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