Bonza unveils pre-takeoff in-flight menu – Australian Aviation

Bonza has released the entirety of its upcoming inflight menu ahead of commercial operations.

The menu has over 40 items in total, with a focus on simple Aussie classics, including items like a ‘Snag in a Bag’, banana bread waffles and a variety of craft beers.

The company has committed to sourcing all products on the menu exclusively from Australian suppliers and describes it as an “all Aussie menu” in keeping with its heavily Australian-leaning marketing.

In addition to its alcoholic beer offerings, Bonza also has non-alcoholic craft beer on the menu. The addition of non-alcoholic beer is a first in Australia’s aviation industry, according to Bonza.

Chief Commercial Officer at Bonza, Carly Povey, commented on the menu with its release.

“We are very proud of our all Aussie menu. Becoming All Aussie means we support local businesses and their suppliers. It also means we are helping SMEs access new markets as the full menu is offered across all our 27 routes,” said Povey.

Povey added that the menu featured a range of vegan and vegetarian options, including sandwiches, brownies, fries, and even vegan cheese.

She added that Bonza is working with suppliers to develop sustainable packaging.

“Our team of Legends has developed a positive and productive relationship with the producers on our menu – many of whom develop bespoke packaging solutions that help us reduce waste and weight on board, which in turn helps reduce fuel burn and the to keep airfares low,” she said.

Bonza is also changing the way the menu is delivered to customers in-flight. Instead of letting catering trolleys drive through the aisles, passengers can use an app to order food to their seat.

Cabin crew are each assigned rows of seats that they look after for the duration of the flight, with passengers able to place multiple orders and pay instantly via the app.

The release of Bonza’s menu comes just a week after the company announced the name of its latest 737 MAX, Sheila, chosen with help from the Australian public.

The addition of Sheila increases Bonza’s fleet to 3 from 737 MAX, with Shazza and Bazza already in Australia preparing for the airline’s first commercial flight.

Bonza is waiting to receive the Air Operators Certificate before it can take off, and the airline hired Virgin Australia’s former GM of Operations Planning to lead the negotiations in May.

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