Brother UK launches an updated range of desktop label printers

Business technology solutions provider Brother UK has updated its P-touch desktop label printers, adding more connectivity and flexibility across the range.

Suitable for home users to larger offices and workplaces, the label printers are designed to make organization, personalization and identification faster and more efficient for users.

With these new models added to this desktop range – the mid-range PT-D460BT and the PT-D610BT for advanced labeling tasks – there is a printer to suit every user’s needs.

The upgrades to the range focus on better connectivity with the latest Bluetooth capabilities while offering expanded options for users creating labels via Brother’s free iPrint&Label mobile app. The new PT-D460BT model is also specially equipped with PC connectivity, a notable upgrade over its previous model.

Aaron Hopkinson, Product and Solutions Manager, said: “We are seeing a significant increase in demand for professional labellers as more people use the office as part of hybrid working models. Talking to customers, it is clear that workplace organization is a challenge, especially after the explosion of flexible working arrangements.

“The updated range ensures we have a solution for every labeling challenge, whether it is identifying devices and assets such as headphones and laptops – an increasingly important way for IT leads to manage devices in hybrid environments – identifying storage containers in a workshop or warehouse, or tidying up cables in a home office, among countless others. The updated range improves users’ ability to easily tag anything, wherever they are.”

“With a standard three-year warranty on all models and our usual ‘By Your Side’ support, we are confident that the new range will enable our reseller partners to meet all of their customers’ desktop labeler needs and to upsell the improved models to Legacy device users.”

Compatibility with iPrint&Label also enables a higher level of productivity and flexibility, allowing users to print ready-made templates anywhere with a smartphone.

All devices feature QWERTY keyboards and LED screens, making them easy to use even as standalone devices.

The new models are compatible with Brother’s heavy-duty TZe tapes up to 18mm, allowing users to create long-lasting labels, a benefit for all labeling applications but especially in harsh environments such as warehouses or gyms. The top-of-the-line PT-D610BT can print wider labels of up to 24mm, which means it can contain more information such as QR codes and use larger text.

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