The US and Norway are challenging the shipping industry

Following announcements by many shipping industry players last week that signaled a downturn in the market, the US has teamed up with Norway to accelerate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions for the shipping sector. The situation Norwegian Prime Minister Jonah Gaher Støre and US Presidential Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry launched the Green Shipping … Read more

The low level of the Mississippi is causing problems with shipping and threatens to have major impacts

Low water levels on the Mississippi threaten supply chain disruptions. Historically low water levels are slowing shipping on the Mississippi River, affecting people and economies worldwide. These barges carry a significant percentage of US wheat, corn and soybean exports from the country’s farms. The Mississippi is a major waterway for hauling crops, and with water … Read more

Tips for the high season 2022

Tips for the high season 2022 In PART 1 of our 2022 Peak Season Guide for Ecommerce Brands, we discussed the top issues affecting ecommerce brands in the 2022 Peak Season and the solutions entrepreneurs can seek to solve them. Now let’s move on to more tips that will lead you to success this holiday … Read more

Arrived at Carrier Meaning

When you order a new pair of dance shoes online, you don’t really think about how those shoes will get to you. All you really care about is the expected delivery date. Of course, if you want more details, you can always track the order using the tracking number you received when the order shipped. … Read more