Charging efficiency leads to savings

Against the current backdrop of rising inflation and energy costs, loading and unloading specialist Thorworld Industries calls on UK distributors to harness potential efficiency savings from changes to their charging operations to help weather a difficult economic climate.

Despite government support in the form of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, UK businesses are still facing significant cost increases, exacerbated by existing labor shortages and rampant inflation. These factors are driving distributors to seek efficiencies wherever possible, with charging improvements presenting a significant opportunity to do so.

With energy costs at historically high levels, reducing consumption as much as possible is a priority for many companies. One way to achieve this is to ensure storage and loading areas are as energy efficient as possible by implementing loading dock seals or canopies.

Dock shelters or shelters should protect both people and goods from temperature fluctuations during loading and unloading and bring significant energy savings. Widely used in temperature sensitive businesses such as food manufacturing – standard distribution companies can still reap the benefits of these energy savings.

Using modular charging docks is another way to improve efficiency in charging operations. These adaptable and semi-permanent charging systems allow companies to scale their operations as needed, e.g. B. to respond to seasonal activity for a small capital investment at a time when many companies shy away from large investments.

Adapting loading areas for delivery van-based distribution is another avenue where efficiencies can be found. As more companies transition to direct-to-consumer logistics, van docking ramps can provide a simple and cost-effective loading solution tailored for vans.

As with modular loading docks, these dedicated ramps require no bearing modifications and can handle the weight of electrified vans – which are becoming more common as fuel costs continue to rise.

“Maximizing efficiency in all aspects of a business has always been central to distribution and logistics companies, now it is vital for many,” said John Meale, Managing Director of Thorworld.

“Loading operations are a key area where these efficiencies can be found and we urge companies to look at the various changes they could make and take advantage of the opportunities these loading systems offer.”

Now more than ever, businesses are benefiting the most from the UK Government’s Super Deduction Capital Deduction Scheme, which ends in March 2023. The scheme allows UK businesses to reclaim 130% of the cost of qualifying purchases against their corporation tax bill.

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