Craemer Box ideal for meat processing companies

The CB3 pallet box is a combination of pallet and crate and has proven to be extremely robust even at high speeds Craemer. A large German-Polish meat processing company accidentally discovered this plastic pallet box. It made such a good impression that the company immediately placed an order with the German headquarters of the Craemer Group through its representative office in Poland.

These robust boxes not only have to be durable, but also meet the kebab manufacturer’s highest hygiene requirements: They are used to transport animal by-products that are processed into animal feed. After successful test runs, the company is now successively replacing the entire inventory of containers from a competitor whose crates were previously used and proved unsuitable for this demanding task.

The Craemer Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of durable logistics and disposal solutions with over 60 years of experience in plastics processing. Founded in 1912 and now in its fifth generation, the family business has its headquarters in Germany and three other plants in Europe. At the end of the 1950s, plastic processing was added to metal processing as a further business area. Craemer initially manufactured large plastic injection-moulded containers. In 1967 the group received a patent for the world’s first one-piece pallet. The portfolio now includes plastic pallets for a wide variety of requirements as well as a wide range of transport and storage containers – from stacking boxes, round containers and tubs to pallet boxes.

All Craemer products are made of high-quality polyethylene, meet the highest requirements and impress with their proven quality. Since 2014, the Craemer Group has had a representative office in Poland called Craemer GmbH Przedstawicielstwo w Polsce. The day-to-day business consists of promoting Craemer pallets or pallet boxes and plastic containers for storage and transport.

Booming exports

Founded in 2008 as a German-Polish joint venture, the kebab company produces various types of kebabs – poultry, beef and veal, depending on customer requirements. The founders have years of experience with this grilled meat dish, which originally hails from Turkey and has taken most of Europe and half the countries of the world by storm. Approved for intra-community trade, the manufacturer also cooperates with many member states of the European Union.

The company, which prides itself on being one of the best manufacturers in the industry and aims for the top position in both the domestic and European markets, is booming and growing rapidly. A new production facility for processing chicken meat into kebab dishes, which will then be exported to Central and Western European markets, has now opened in western Poland.

“Our new customer came across Craemer and its plastic pallet boxes in an amazing way,” explains Arkadiusz Michal Wissuwa, Area Sales Manager Poland. “Another Polish meat processor, whose Category 3 offal goes into animal feed, had already used several hundred of our light gray CB3 for this purpose. By the way, this company was one of our first CB3 customers in Poland.”

Replace unstable boxes with CB3

“This customer then systematically replaced the crates used at the time with our CB3,” continues Arkadiusz Michal Wissuwa, “because the pallet crates are always returned empty from the feed manufacturer to the meat processing plants, sometimes crates accidentally end up not with the original owner but with others producers of slaughterhouse waste.”

This is how the doner kebab manufacturer came up with Craemer boxes. “They were looking for very strong and hygienic pallet crates because the competitor’s crates they were using broke easily,” explains Wissuwa. “They quickly found that the CB3 box is much better, very stable and durable, even at high trigger rates.”

The requirements of the new customer are also very high: “Filling, transport over 100 km and more to the next processing location, where they are emptied. Craemer’s pallet boxes withstood these challenges, while the competitor’s boxes quickly broke in use.”

Since the market launch of the Craemer CB3 pallet box in 2017, the stable combination of pallet and box made of food-safe polyethylene has proven itself. The fact that the load carrier is an integral part of the container makes logistics processes much easier in many industries. The CB3 box with industrial pallet dimensions of 1,200 mm x 1,000 mm and a height of 720 mm is made in one piece with three longitudinal skids and has a capacity of 610 liters.

Thanks to its robust design and equipment, it offers many advantages for daily use: Additional ribs over the entry openings offer increased impact protection against forklift tines; its smooth inner surfaces ensure easy emptying, easy cleaning and good drying properties; Thanks to the three robust runners, the box runs smoothly on automated conveyor systems; integrated locks on the four corners ensure that the boxes are stacked securely (stacking cams); optional retrofitting with RFID transponders for tracking the transport and shipping route via radio frequency identification is possible using a special holding device; a stripped area allows for easy application and removal of temporary stickers; Various print areas offer space for individual hot stamping and the space-saving 3-in-2 stacking enables efficient use of space when transporting and storing empty items.

Proven in the food industry

Craemer pallet boxes are mainly used in the food processing industry, especially for the transport and storage of meat, but also poultry and fish. Numerous other sectors benefit from the advantages of CB3, including the waste disposal and retail sectors.

The German-Polish doner kebab manufacturer needed reliable transport containers in its new plant to transport slaughterhouse waste – chicken bones from its grilled poultry production – to an animal feed manufacturer. Category 3 waste (animal by-products; ABP – unfit for human consumption with the lowest risk level) is subject to high safety and hygiene requirements, even though it may only be processed as an ingredient in animal feed. In search of a robust and high-quality alternative to the rather fragile cardboard boxes currently in use, the management finally found what they were looking for at Craemer.

Easy cleaning and drying

“The CB3 pallet box fully meets the criteria of the doner kebab manufacturer and of course also meets the statutory hygiene regulations,” confirms Wissuwa, who is responsible for the distribution of Craemer products in western Poland. In addition, the material prevents chemical reactions when it comes into contact with fats and acids, which is an essential quality feature in view of the often very fatty animal by-products. Thanks to the smooth inner surfaces, CB3 boxes can be easily cleaned with high pressure using hot water and food-safe chemicals.

Since March 2022, the German-Polish company has been using a few dozen CB3 boxes in basalt grey, which is one of seven standard colors in addition to optional special colours. To distinguish shipments from different companies, each pallet box was hot stamped with the word “BEST” to identify the owner.

“This imprint fits: Our pallet boxes are simply the best,” says the sales expert at Craemer’s representative office in Poland. Since the CB3 pallet box has continued to prove itself as a safe and robust all-rounder in use, the second delivery was made in autumn 2022. The “best” solution is intended to consistently replace the previous boxes in the future, up to the poultry kebab producer works exclusively with the reliable CB3 .

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