DHL eCommerce hires over 2,000 seasonal workers

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DHL eCommerce Solutions is hiring over 2,000 seasonal workers in the US to meet peak season demand, the logistics company said in a release.

The company is seeking full-time and part-time sorters and coders for its distribution centers. These positions handle package sorting, scanning, package handling and data entry.

“These are the two core jobs in our distribution centers, which make up about 80% of the total workforce. As volume increases, these increase proportionately,” Scott Ashbaugh, vice president of operations at DHL eCommerce, told Supply Chain Dive.

Locations with open positions include Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Denver, Houston and San Francisco.

DHL eCommerce Solutions vacation recruitment spread across the US

Peak hiring targets for the company, by city.

The furlough hiring target is a decrease from 2021, when the company hired about 2,800 seasonal workers.

While demand is expected to be higher during the peak season than the “average day”, it is unlikely to reach the 2021 holiday highs. “We’re expecting a 38% volume increase this peak season, the same percentage increase as last year, but down about 18% overall from last year,” Ashbaugh said.

Nevertheless, the various divisions of DHL are taking steps to prepare. In September, DHL Supply Chain expanded its partnership with Locus to add more robotics to increase production capacity. In October, the logistics service provider announced it would hire 12,000 warehouse workers to prepare for higher demand during the holiday season.

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