DHL Express US shipping rates are projected to increase by 7.9% in 2023

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DHL Express shipping rates will increase by an average of 7.9% on January 1, 2023 for US account holders, the international express shipping provider announced on Friday.

“A limited number of optional services and surcharges will also be adjusted,” DHL Express said. The company said a guide for its 2023 tariffs will be released when it becomes available.

The annual rate hike is bigger than the DHL division’s 4.9 percent increase in 2021 and the 5.9 percent increase in 2022. It also beats the average 6.9 percent increases that UPS and FedEx will soon implement will.

Annual price increases take into account inflation, currency dynamics and administrative costs related to regulatory and security measures, according to DHL Express. Price adjustments vary by country based on local conditions.

The fare increase comes as airlines grapple with a slowdown in demand this year. In the first half of 2022, DHL Express Time Definite International volume decreased 6% year-on-year, while Time Definite Domestic volume decreased 14.6%. While sales continued to grow, operating profit declined.

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