Drunk Finnair passenger threatened with bomb – fined €4,300 for false alarm

The Finnair flight from Helsinki was about to land in Vienna when a rowdy and drunk passenger mentioned to the flight attendant that he had a bomb in his briefcase. Now the passenger is fined for the false alarm and panic on board the plane.

It was November 2019 when a male passenger on board a Finnair flight from Helsinki to Vienna told one of the flight attendants on board that he had a bomb in his briefcase. She informed the captain, who in turn contacted the airline’s command center and air traffic control in Vienna.

After the plane landed, the passenger threatened to detonate the bomb, after which his luggage was searched and the plane was evacuated and examined. No bomb was found, but all this led to the fact that the return trip to Finland was delayed by more than an hour and a half.

Now Västra Nyland District Court has sentenced the man to a 60-day fine under the Criminal Code for false alarms. The convict must also pay 80 euros in compensation for victims and around 2,000 euros in damages to the airline, which had to arrange new flight tickets and hotel accommodation due to the delay for the thirteen passengers who missed their connecting flights. The total amount is almost 4,300 euros.

The man denies the allegation. He says he doesn’t remember telling the flight attendant anything about a bomb, but admits he was heavily intoxicated during the flight. He also thinks the compensation to the airline is too high.

After the stewardess reported a possible bomb on board the plane, she and the captain spoke to the passenger before reporting the suspected bomb to air traffic control in Vienna. The plane has since been found to have been evacuated and searched, which appears to be evidence enough that the passenger has maintained his allegation of a bomb in the briefcase. Therefore, the district court sentenced him to a fine according to § 10 StGB for false alarm, in this case to a fine of 60 days. The district court also assumes that the man wanted to cause panic on board the plane.

source: HBL (Finland)

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