Vietnamese electric vehicle manufacturer Vinfast has entered into a strategic partnership with INFORM, a global provider of AI-based optimization solutions, to better monitor the status of Vinfast vehicles from production to delivery.

INFORM has announced that it will “supply VinFast with advanced vehicle logistics management software solutions, including Transportation Management Software (TMS) and a Vehicle Yard Management System (YMS)”. It expects that these solutions will improve transparency and streamline processes such as orders, deliveries and recalls.

The software will initially be implemented in the United States, Canada and Vietnam, followed shortly thereafter by Europe. INFORM’s solutions are expected to be deployed across Vinfast’s global network within 18 to 24 months.

Le Thi Thu Thuy, vice chairman of Vingroup and VinFast, explained that the company is “currently in the process of mass production and delivery to global customers”. She added: “INFORM’s expertise is key to VinFast’s logistics, offering end-to-end solutions from exporting the vehicles from Vietnam to delivering them to the customers. INFORM’s technologies will help VinFast achieve faster, more efficient and more sustainable vehicle deliveries.”

Justin Newell, INFORM’s Chief Operating Officer, shared this enthusiasm for the partnership as he believes Vinfast’s goals are aligned with INFORM’s, including those related to sustainability. He claimed: “INFORM’s ability to provide solutions for the entire vehicle supply chain from factory exit to customer handover is a key outcome for our VinFast project.”