Eurowings sees a turnaround in business travel: 60 percent more bookings than in the previous year

  • The return of international trade shows, networking and industry events is fueling business travel.
  • Week of November 7th: busiest booking week since May
  • CEO Jens Bishop: “Backlog of personal contacts very high
  • The situation at German airports has eased considerably.
  • The elimination of the mask requirement pays off for travel motivation.

The demand for business trips is increasing significantly: Compared to the previous year, bookings at Eurowings increased by 60 percent in November. In relation to the summer months, the current bookings are even twice as high. The current top routes at Eurowings include, for example, the European connections from Düsseldorf to Milan and Vienna, from Hamburg to London and from Stuttgart to Budapest. On the domestic German routes, connections from Berlin to Cologne, from Düsseldorf to Berlin, from Stuttgart to Berlin and from Hamburg to Stuttgart are far ahead. This is a trend reversal: For the first time since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, Eurowings has not recorded any further decline in demand towards the winter half-year – on the contrary: there is an upturn in the number of bookings in the business travel segment.

We see increasing momentum in business travel across all industries. Travel is currently increasing in almost all industries – also because the backlog demand for personal meetings is very high“, says Eurowings CEO Jens Bischof. Many managers are starting to build up personal networks again, especially since the contact persons in many companies have changed after the long Covid break. The airlines are also feeling consistently positive effects on their bookings due to the elimination of the mask requirement as the last travel restriction.

Eurowings is the market leader at Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Stuttgart airports and can use its data to obtain a representative overview of the development of business travel in Germany.

Trade fairs as important travel drivers

The upturn is particularly noticeable at the major German trade fair locations of Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Stuttgart, which are also the largest Eurowings bases: the need for personal exchange fills the trade fair locations, driving business trips and attracting visitors from all over Europe. Around two thirds of all global industry events take place in Germany and four of the ten largest trade fair venues in the world are in Germany. Air travelers use the attractive off-peak times to travel from Birmingham, Geneva, Lyon, Prague, Salzburg or Stockholm, for example.

Air traffic is also benefiting from a significant relaxation at German airports. Since the holiday travel peak in the summer months, the system has been greatly relieved and the recruitment waves are also having an effect across the industry. Eurowings, for example, has flown in November with a reliability rate of 99.5 percent – a top value recognized in the industry.

COLOGNE/BONN, November 15, 2022

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