Finally there is a CRM built for 3PLs

Ever wondered why your customer relationship management software feels clunky? You’re not alone.

Although a variety of CRM platforms are marketed to 3PLs, the truth is that none are truly designed for the logistics industry.

As with many 3PL executives, the idea of ​​being an afterthought frustrated Philip Magill, owner of Florida-based Transportation Management Solutions.

In his 35 years in the industry, Magill had yet to find a CRM that met his needs – he found even the most popular platforms left a lot to be desired.

Transportation Management Solutions had few options when choosing a CRM.

“Try to find a CRM tool that is out of the box, fully functional and makes sense for 3PLs. It doesn’t exist,” Magill said. “If I could have bought one off the shelf, I would have gladly done so.”

This leaves many 3PLs with no choice but to settle for the basics. Unless you’re willing to spend millions of dollars to create your own proprietary software.

For the majority of the industry, that’s just not feasible. But Magill knew that wasn’t supposed to be the case, so he put a plan in place to change just that.

Working with software developer Cyzerg, Magill founded IFS to democratize 3PL software for businesses large and small. IFS offers the industry’s only true CRM software for 3PLs, Supply Chain Relationship Management (SCRM).

Designed specifically for the logistics industry, SCRM helps manage customers, leads, and other supply chain stakeholders while helping to increase sales and operational efficiencies.

Staying on top of their customer bases and leads is critical for 3PLs, especially in a recessionary economy, which is why Magill emphasizes the importance of being able to manage stakeholder activities and relationships at the click of a button.

“When there’s excess capacity out there, customers are looking for better rates,” he said. “And who are they going to? They go to the 3PL.”

Magill urges 3PLs and transportation providers to strengthen customer relationships. While most CRMs undermanage the sales pipeline and waste leads, SCRM helps users engage with customers more effectively.

Transportation and warehousing services are tracked in real-time via the SCRM dashboard, which presents metrics at every level of the organization. This provides users with a powerful tool that Magill says will help tremendously in managing clients in the future.

“That’s the problem with most systems today,” he said. “There are no mechanisms to move your customer forward.”

Magill said his company’s previous platform was too broad and cumbersome to meet his specific needs, leaving his employees in limbo.

“We used Salesforce for a year – I hated it,” Magill said. “The way our sales team managed clients within our organization was a hodgepodge. They would have their own Excel spreadsheets. Some even used yellow pads or had stacks of paper with accounts stapled together.”

But SCRM puts an end to pen-pressing. With an intuitive dashboard and unlimited integrations, 3PLs run smoother than ever.

Users find that sales cycles are more consistent because the dashboard configures calls, emails, and meeting cycles. Full email synchronization also ensures that records are kept of all customer emails.

“There’s a lot of bells and whistles in SCRM for moving your logistics business forward that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the industry,” Magill said.

In addition, SCRM offers the industry’s first combined CRM and quotation solution.

“You can do some of these things with other CRMs like Salesforce, but only after you’ve invested thousands of dollars or so in customizations,” said Hector Sunol, co-founder of Cyzerg and IFS. “We build software that is ready to use out of the box and at very affordable prices. You get a CRM fully built for 3PLs and 100% cloud-based at half the industry price [standard].”

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