FloorFound expands reverse logistics recommerce network

FloorFound has created what it claims to be the largest resale network in North America for oversized items. The network, which includes facilities, fulfillment and transportation, offers retailers of oversized items a “plug-and-play infrastructure” with little to no upfront investment, the company said.

According to FloorFound, the network enables retailers to convert oversized returns into new revenue while eliminating inventory risk or cannibalizing sales.

“Reverse logistics for oversize items has been nearly impossible and very unprofitable for most oversize retailers,” said Chris Richter, founder and CEO of FloorFound. “Through the FloorFound network, retailers selling large items can outsource returns and implement a modern business model that generates far more revenue and meets key ESG goals.”

According to FloorFound, the United States generates 12 million tons of furniture waste every year, 80% of which ends up in landfills.

“While second-hand fashion gained prominence early on, the demand for resale is now growing across all types of consumer goods. This includes furniture and other oversized items, a category that adds a new level of complexity to circular retail. Customers cannot easily return furniture they no longer want, and large items have higher price tags than t-shirts,” FloorFound wrote in its 2022 Recommerce report.

FloorFound has opened five “Recommerce Processing Centers” with approximately 500,000 square feet of remanufacturing space. Each center is staffed and able to consolidate returns, receive returned or exchanged items from consumers, and perform bulk transfers from warehouses or other collection points.

Personnel at the facilities are trained to inspect and grade each item and, if necessary, make repairs or overhauls to prepare the item for resale. Employees are trained in every returns vertical such as furniture, equipment and exercise equipment.

After inspection, items are repackaged and prepared for shipment through FloorFound’s nationwide transportation network, which includes carriers specialized in handling and delivering oversized items. Retailers can also use their own transport providers.

Finally, FloorFound has an integration with project44 to provide full visibility and status of each item.

“The majority of consumers are willing to support sustainable resale by buying directly from brands and looking for experiences that offer high-quality goods and great customer experiences. With a resale program built on robust features and services, brands and retailers can be at the forefront of the circular economy,” the report states.

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