Game changer in the online casino industry!

The online gambling industry is moving at an incredibly fast pace and many people are wondering what the future of gambling will be like. If we go back just five years we can see some tremendous advances that have forever reshaped the online casino gambling industry, such as the introduction of new slot machines that are more focused on user experience, wider accessibility, higher security and much more.

It seems like the online gambling industry is tied to a rocket ship with its engines cranked to the max, especially after the pandemic that has seen people change their gaming habits.

This led us to ask what are the revolutionary changes that will reshape the online casino industry this year.

Let’s find out more about what are the biggest online casino trends that are likely to happen.

New regulations for online gambling

With the rising popularity of online gambling, which opened up a whole new market sector, it brought new money into this industry. And where money is involved, bad things happen like terrorist financing, money laundering and financial crime.

Because of this, for many countries, overhauling online gambling regulations is their top priority.

Most people would argue that the online gambling sector, including, is already regulated, but the truth is that it still doesn’t contain enough measures to cover many Prevent crimes like money laundering.

Not so long ago, in 2021, we saw reports that more than $1 billion was laundered through Australia’s online casinos.

As such, this year we expect countries to tighten the leash on online casino companies like 1Good.Bet by enforcing new laws and regulations that could have a major impact on how casinos operate.

Integration of cryptocurrencies as a payment method

Cryptocurrencies are nothing new and have already been introduced to the online casino space. However, we expect that this year more casinos will jump on this fast moving crypto bandwagon and allow such transactions on their platforms.

Cryptocurrencies help casinos bypass some financial problems, and the first and foremost is the inaccessibility of payment gateways in certain countries.

All digital currencies are universal, and by allowing crypto gambling, casinos can open up a whole new market opportunity.

But this trend goes well beyond the use of cryptocurrencies for gambling. Besides cryptocurrencies, we have seen a huge surge in popularity of other blockchain technologies like NFTs and tokens. If casinos find a way to leverage digital collectibles or create their own tokens, it will be a major game changer for the entire industry.

Mobile gambling continues to grow

Even though mobile gambling is already seeing a huge surge, it seems we haven’t realized its full potential yet. There is no denying that social media and mobile gambling has been one of the main reasons behind the success of the online gambling industry, but there are still many different avenues to explore.

This year we expect game development companies to focus more on making casino games mobile-friendly and providing a better user experience.

In addition, a new trend is emerging and that is smartwatch-based gambling apps. This groundbreaking trend will allow people to play various slots and casino games through their smartwatch.

Virtual reality in online gambling

We’ve heard a lot about the Metaverse technology that will allow us to build a digital personality and potentially enter Web 3.0. But what does this mean for the gambling industry?

Well, to get to the metaverse, the online casino space must first fully embrace virtual reality technology. There are already some casinos that offer players a true-to-life digital experience, but this year we expect things to go to the next level.

Behind VR technology in gambling lies a huge undiscovered potential that can open up new possibilities for both players and online gambling companies.

Online casino article and permission to publish here provided by Gabriele Meliunaite. Originally published on Supply Chain Game Changer on May 22, 2022.

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