Gebrüder Weiss strives for climate neutrality

Lauterach, November 14, 2022. As a modern logistics service provider, Gebrüder Weiss has set itself the goal of gradually reducing the company’s carbon footprint to zero with its GWcares sustainability strategy and making the company’s logistics facilities climate-neutral by 2030 the company accepts its responsibility and contributes to the achievement of global climate goals. Gebrüder Weiss takes a close look at the CO₂ emissions at all 180 locations. In its current sustainability report, the company has quantified the current CO₂ emissions and energy consumption of its locations. These emissions are to be gradually reduced – by ten percent per year.

In addition, the sustainability report shows important measures on the way to climate neutrality and shows how our modern logistics facilities can use all opportunities to save energy and reduce dependence on limited resources. The installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems on the roofs of logistics terminals plays an important role. Gebrüder Weiss already has 18 such systems. Together, these plants generate more than 4,600 megawatt hours of electricity per year and currently cover 18 percent of the group’s electricity needs. The aim is to increase this share by 15 percent annually by further expanding the number of PV installations. Gebrüder Weiss has also installed an energy monitoring system at its European sites to track the effectiveness of these efforts and plans to roll it out globally in the coming years.

Investments in alternative drives

Gebrüder Weiss is also increasing the proportion of alternative drives in heavy-duty traffic and developing low-emission solutions for the last mile. An electric truck is used in local transport in the greater Vienna area and end customers in Austria are supplied with electric vans. In addition, one of the world’s first hydrogen (H2) trucks has been in regular operation in Switzerland since January 2021, and the use of five more H2 trucks in Germany is planned for 2023. Gebrüder Weiss is also working with partners and competitors in Austria to introduce fuel cell trucks. The company intends to invest around ten million euros in alternative drives by 2025.

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About Gebrüder Weiss

Gebrüder Weiss Holding AG, based in Lauterach, Austria, is a global full-service logistics provider with around 8,000 employees at 180 of its own locations. In the last financial year (2021) it achieved an annual turnover of 2.5 billion euros. The portfolio includes transport and logistics solutions, digital services and supply chain management. The double strength of digital and physical competence enables Gebrüder Weiss to react quickly and flexibly to customer needs. The family-run company – with a history going back more than half a millennium – has implemented a wide range of ecological, economic and social initiatives. Today it is also considered a pioneer for sustainable management.


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