GlobalFoundries Appoints Former Cisco Executive to Lead Supply Chain

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GlobalFoundries has named former Cisco executive Ashlie Wallace as the semiconductor maker’s senior vice president of global supply chain, effective November 28, according to a press release.

Wallace will lead global supply chain operations, which include logistics, supply planning, sourcing and procurement to drive operational efficiencies.

Wallace previously served as vice president of services supply chain and global logistics for Cisco, leading the industrial conglomerate’s global logistics operations. Outside of Cisco, she has also held various leadership positions at Dell Technologies, including vice president of global server procurement and vice president of global inventory management.

“I look forward to her leadership as we continue to maximize the full potential of our global manufacturing footprint, which is becoming increasingly important to our long-term value creation,” CFO David Reeder said in a statement.

The company was one of several to announce investments under the CHIPS and Sciences Act. Along with Qualcomm, the partnership includes $4.2 billion to manufacture chips at an expansion of GlobalFoundries’ facility in upstate New York.

“From GF’s perspective, we will not add capacity without customer commitment to that demand,” President and CEO Thomas Caulfield said on a conference call on third-quarter earnings. GlobalFoundries is working to compile its proposal with RFPs that will come out of Washington in early 2023. It’s also working with customers to “pool the type of demand that we would need to commit for this type of build-out,” Caulfield said.

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