GSLS transforms operations with Descartes solutions

Descartes Systems Group, a global leader in logistics-intensive retailers, announced that GSLS, a provider of cash management solutions to retail, hospitality, financial services and public sector organizations, is maximizing its fleet efficiency with Descartes’ cloud-based route planning and optimization and mobile Proof of Delivery (POD) solutions. Descartes supports GSLS in pursuing its growth strategy by achieving a fully digital chain of custody for cash management while driving cost savings, improving fleet efficiency and providing superior customer service.

“Delivering exemplary cash management solutions to our customers requires a level of accuracy, efficiency, traceability and security that is second to none. We recognize that expanding our market leadership position requires a data-driven approach to process improvements, underpinned by technological innovation,” said Fiacra Nagle, Chief Executive, GSLS. “Descartes’ route optimization and mobile proof of delivery solutions, integrated with our vault management and cash processing solutions, have enabled us to have this end-to-end, digital supply chain while increasing the efficiency of our operations.”

The Descartes route planning and optimization solution is part of the Descartes route planning and execution, mobile and telematics suite and helps brands, retailers and logistics providers achieve more agile, efficient and sustainable routing, improve fleet resource management by additional delivery capacities are created and costs are reduced. Descartes execution helps drivers manage their daily routes, keeps managers informed of progress, and provides estimated times of arrival (ETA) to notify customers of their deliveries.

Descartes mobile application helps drivers execute the route, with POD supporting excellent customer service and accurate order accuracy through real-time mobile communication. For GSLS, Descartes has improved the efficiency and utilization of its fleet of over 80 secure armored vehicles while reducing overall fleet mileage. Sustainability improvements are also supported by removing paper from the supply chain.

“As the market leader in secure cash logistics in Ireland, GSLS prides itself on providing excellent customer service and flawless cash management execution,” said Pól Sweeney, EMENAR VP Fleet Sales at Descartes. “We are excited to help GSLS improve these services by enabling a fully digital chain of custody that supports accuracy, auditability and operational security; offers noticeable efficiency savings; and provides a platform for future growth.”

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