GXO expands partnership with Manchester Airport

Contract logistics provider GXO announced today that it is expanding its long-term partnership with Manchester Airport.

The company has been providing logistics services to retail, food and beverage vendors at Manchester Airport for almost twenty years.

Over the past 16 years, GXO has helped Manchester Airport adapt to increasing demand and today the company supports more than 70 retailers and food and beverage suppliers, supplying a wide range of products – including luxury goods, electronics, fresh and frozen Groceries for restaurants and shops.

On average, GXO receives, inspects and delivers more than one million items per year, with goods being processed on the day of receipt.

As part of the original mandate, GXO operates a 29,000 ft2 screening and consolidation center.

Up to 80 inbound deliveries are received daily and consolidated into GXO’s last-mile delivery fleet, reducing vehicle movement around the airport by up to 75%, thereby helping to reduce carbon footprint.

“Our team provides highly flexible and responsive services that form an integral part of the airport infrastructure, leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and experience with many other airside customers,” said Gavin Williams, Managing Director of GXO.

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