Helthjem automates new parcel terminal

BEUMER Group, a world leader in automated material handling systems, has received an order from Helthjem, a relative newcomer to the Norwegian express parcel delivery business. This is the first time that Helthjem is introducing automated sorting, which has been done in close partnership with BEUMER to select the right automated technologies and systems for Helthjem’s business.

Helthjem’s success and rapid expansion – fueled by growth in e-commerce, which has resulted in a 15% market share – necessitated this first-time investment in automation, which will help maintain service levels and streamline operations . The new parcel terminal in Vestby in southern Norway consists of a production hall of around 12,000 square meters and an office area with support and administration functions.

Here, a new automation system designed and supplied by BEUMER Group will optimize the sorting and onward distribution of parcels at Helthjem. This is the first time that Helthjem is doing an automatic sorting, which was previously a purely manual process. Designed to process 50 million packages per year, the new system will help Helthjem address labor shortages as the design includes automatic cage tippers and package singulation, making Helthjem less dependent on a large team of operators to handle each package manually placed correctly. The BEUMER system takes care of most of the handling, from the moment the packages are emptied into the system until they are sorted for further optimized distribution.

The BEUMER system will largely eliminate manual handling and reduce the number of touch points from four to five for each package to just one for some of them. This has a huge impact on throughput speed and accuracy.

Lars Beier Madsen, Sales Manager for Logistics Systems at BEUMER Group, said: “We are delighted to accompany Helthjem at the beginning of their automation journey. The flexibility we offer with our systems fits perfectly with their expanding business model. The ability to expand and customize the system future-proofs the investment.”

Founded in 2015, Helthjem originally specialized in newspaper distribution and built an extensive network that enabled it to expand its business into express parcel delivery. It currently handles 16 million parcels per year and can offer 50% of the Norwegian population a 12-hour delivery time.

Anders Lunde Angen, Director of E-Commerce at Helthjem, commented on the benefits of the new system: “This is our first step towards automation after years of purely manual operation, but any concerns we had were overcome by the high level of competency cleared out shown by the BEUMER team. The system will allow us to expand our offer quickly and we expect a relatively quick ROI. During the Covid pandemic, the consumer-to-consumer sector has grown by 500% and we continue to believe in the growth of e-commerce – and even more so in consumer-to-consumer business, for which we offer hassle-free delivery door to door with just a handwritten code.”

The system will open in summer 2023. It will initially have an operating capacity of 15,000 packages per hour, with the ability to expand built into the design.

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