How changes in industrial culture are changing the future of third-party logistics

As customers seek to outsource more logistical aspects of their business, more opportunities open up for 3PL providers to offer additional services to help customers plan the supply chain.

The September 2022 CCLI whitepaper found that more than one in ten vendors currently offer their customers insight and analytics to help them plan for future demand and supply chain.

Some respondents indicated that their cloud software automated the data they provided to their customers, others used powerful logistics reporting tools to collect and analyze data once a month, or employed customer success managers who shared internal data with customers .

“​​We have full transparency with all our customers and allow them to access our system via customer portals.” – Respondent, business owner, warehousing and transport operation.

“Certainly, inventory and movement is important to the customer, and the more attention to detail and transparency you can provide, the more trust and relationships you build.” – Interviewee, Operations, Warehouse.

The report shows an evolution in what it looks like to be an outsourced logistics provider as logistics companies like this one explore new and innovative services to offer their customers in order to increase revenue with more billable services and attract new customers and to and to ensure the success of their clients’ growth.

While providing customers with increased visibility, order tracking, and integrations was the most popular service currently offered to customers to help them navigate logistics options, over a third of respondents later said they felt their Company did not have the means to collect and track this data.

The report showed that many companies are looking to invest in technology over the next six months to create more efficient operations and provide better customer service.

Both the company and the customer benefit from investing in digital solutions. Integrations for tracking and order updates provide customers with more transparency and can also relieve the vendor of manual data entry – by automating data management and sending updates when certain order or delivery milestones are reached. This provides customers with transparency to see where their orders and inventory are at any given time without the need for a phone call or manual data reporting.

To streamline operations, 19% of respondents said they would invest in fleet and warehouse technology upgrades over the next six months, with another 17% prioritizing eliminating paper-based processes, 15% aiming to implement barcode scanning, and 14% would introduce automated processes Workflow optimization.

With CartonCloud, the integrated WMS and TMS software provider, you can offer your customers complete transparency by providing an online portal with up-to-date reports automatically generated by cloud-based software – so you don’t have to lift a finger.

The software company has developed its end-to-end warehouse and transportation management software together with industry members to create a solution for small and medium-sized logistics providers that enables them to compete with larger players in the industry. With out-of-the-box software integrations, automated invoicing, and automatically calculated price lists, the software takes on the heavy lifting of transportation and warehouse management so businesses can focus on growth.

Seamlessly merging industry insights with technological developments, the CartonCloud team draws on its experience in the logistics industry to provide intuitive solutions designed directly to help smaller operators tackle daily problems and grow with ease.

The CartonCloud Logistics Q3 Index (CCLI) gathered feedback and insights from over 80 members of the logistics industry to assess how industry changes are affecting businesses. The September 2022 CCLI Whitepaper will be available free of charge to all members of the logistics industry along with previous reports on the CartonCloud Logistics Index Archive.

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