How the Grinch stole the high season! – WTT

In tonight’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? dooner and The guy will be hosted by Special Guest Host Daniel “Mr. Supply Chain” Stanton to talk about supply chain bullwhips in vacation retail, supply chain management for dummies, and teaching logistics to America’s young minds.

Where’s the climax? Uber Freight’s Ben Cubitt speaks about his latest market report, which shows a fall in consumer spending, an expansion in inventories and a fall in backlogs.

Got an air cargo emergency? That’s what Carrier 911 is here for, and Port X Logistics’ Brian Kempisty is here to tell us all about it. We may even learn what the most difficult hike in logistics is.

CFI’s Joel Schneider talks about survival and success strategies in uncertain times.

Plus, first impressions of the Torc autonomous truck; Trucking Managers Establish Road Health Network For Drivers; New Jersey Bans Cheeky Traffic Signs; striking truckers; and prepare your rig for winter.

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