Infragistics Ultimate 22.2 UX/UI Toolkit Releases High Performance Blazor Data Grids, RAD Development

Infragistics, a global leader in tools and solutions for accelerating design and development, today announced the launch of Infragistics Ultimate 22.2, the company’s flagship UX and UI product for design and development teams. The latest version of Infragistics Ultimate brings significant improvements, including high-speed RAD development with App Builder® and a brand new set of powerful Blazor data grids.

Powerful data grids with interactive UX features are the cornerstone of any line of business application. With Ultimate 22.2, Infragistics delivers exactly what developers need to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Ultimate 22.2 includes four new grids – Data Grid, Tree Grid, Hierarchical Grid & Pivot Grid – for Blazor and web component development teams, covering every use case scenario. Each grid is tailored to exceed expectations under the heaviest data demands while providing users with beautiful Microsoft Outlook-style interactions with full control over how they use data in each of the grids.

Infragistics App Builder brings full support for Data Grid and Tree Grid configurations in Ultimate 22.2, including all new .NET Blazor code generation for Grid configurations, plus support for all new code generation for web component projects and code generation from designs created in Figma. In addition to the new code generation capabilities, App Builder includes a host of new features including improved chart support, updated layout capabilities, new components, new app sharing capabilities, and a new UX for column configuration. With Column Configuration, developers can customize everything from column titles, column order, preset data filters, show/hide columns, and more.

“Blazor is hugely important to .NET developers, and with Ultimate 22.2, our new Blazor grids outperform anything on the market today. Delivering full data grids with full column and row-level virtualization means .NET developers are not constrained when deploying their modern .NET web apps,” said Jason Beres, SVP Developer Tools, Infragistics. “Combined with our commitment to web standards in our unique web components product and RAD development capabilities in our low-code WYSIWYG app builder, developers have everything they need to deploy bug-free apps on any platform, 8x faster than hand coding. ”

New Blazor grids and Blazor controls for all data scenarios

Ultimate 22.2 includes a full suite of modern grids with the most features and best performance of any Blazor Grid on the market. The goal for our Blazor grids was feature parity with our market-leading Angular grids, as well as parity with our award-winning Windows Forms and WPF grids. The Ultimate 22.2 Ignite UI Blazor product features include:

• Four new, brand new grids: Flat Grid, Tree Grid, Hierarchical Grid, and Pivot Grid.

• Grid virtualization for rows and columns, data entry support and any UX interaction including Outlook group-by, sorting, column pinning, column moving, multi-level layouts, master-detail views, hierarchical views and more, as well as full design and branding -Capabilities.

• New Tabs control, Accordion control, Date-Time input control, and Select control.

• Design-to-code with new Figma UI kits in the design system, including code generation from designs created in Figma.

New grids for dependency-free web components, new components and app builder code generation

For teams that don’t want to rely on a specific framework, Infragistics offers the only fully featured web component product on the market today. Ignite UI Web Components includes dozens of UI controls, 60+ chart types, and a full suite of the most advanced, high-performance grids. With Ultimate 22.2, the toolbox expands even more:

• Brand new Flat Grid, Hierarchical Grid, Tree Grid and Pivot Grid.

• Grids include virtualized rows and columns, Outlook grouping, sorting, column pinning, column moving, tiered layouts, master-detail views, hierarchical views, and more, as well as full design and branding capabilities.

• New Tabs control, Accordion control, Date-Time input control, Dialog control and Chooser control.

• Design and build apps in App Builder and get production-ready web component code in App Builder’s new code generation options.

• Design-to-code with new Figma UI kits in the design system, including code generation from designs created in Figma.

Improved, more powerful charts

Ultimate 22.2 makes significant improvements to charts. This release includes another major leap in charting capabilities, delivering amazing new features that continue to make Infragistics charts the most powerful and easy-to-use charts available today.

New charting features include:

• Automatic responsive layouts for horizontal label rotation based on browser/screen size.

• Automatic crosshairs, animations and Y-axis labels and label formatting.

• Improved rendering for rounded labels on all platforms.

• New API for grouping, sorting, and summarizing category strings and numeric values, eliminating the need to pre-aggregate or pre-calculate chart data.

Ultimate 22.2 includes two additional notable features:

• A major update to Ignite UI Angular with full support and new features for Angular 14. Ignite UI Angular is a full library of 50+ Angular native UI controls including the fastest Angular data grid and 60+ high performance charts.

• The Indigo.Design system now has full support for the recently acquired Figma design tool from Adobe. With the new Figma support, design teams can use the UI kits from the Indigo.Design system in Figma to design their entire application experience, and then import those designs into App Builder. In the App Builder, designers or developers can further refine their application experience and generate code from the Figma theme when finished.

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