IntelliTrans introduces kiosk for supply chain TMS to keep drivers in cab to improve safety

Atlanta, GA – November 15, 2022 – IntelliTrans, the leading provider of global multimodal solutions for optimizing supply chain operations in the bulk and breakbulk industries, introduces kiosk functionality to the IntelliTrans Transportation Management System. With the kiosk functionality built into the IntelliTrans TMS Mobile App, truck drivers entering a facility no longer need to exit their cabs or wait for loading instructions. This improves their security, speeds up the check-in process, and reduces on-site time by 30 minutes or more, significantly reducing overall shipping costs. The entire process is self-service – from arrival at the facility to the request for loading via SMS/push notification.

“In the past, the security guard in a guard hut had to look at his clipboard to verify that a particular truck should be on the property,” said Brian Cupp, operations manager at IntelliTrans. “The guards had to confirm that the driver was with the right company with the right load and that the driver could check in. With Kiosk, the guard knows this information before the truck arrives, so they can wave the driver into the yard without the driver needing to stop and get out of the truck. Even better, warehouse staff preparing shipments can see when a truck is moving approaches the facility before checking in – giving early confirmation of required product delivery. This new self-service experience has really helped with employee and driver satisfaction and reduced time on site.”

As part of the check-in process (which can only be performed in the IntelliTrans Mobile App when the driver’s GPS coordinates confirm they are on site), drivers review and confirm gate agreements, security requirements, shipping details, and others information and provide an e-signature, all sent to the customer’s ERP via an API. This supports corporate audit initiatives and significantly speeds up the entire process.

While using the kiosk capabilities of the IntelliTrans TMS Mobile App is convenient for drivers using the app for load allocation, scheduling and real-time tracking, the kiosk can also be used within the gatehouse on a tablet or mounted in a weatherproof enclosure at the gate, allowing drivers to view information can enter in their cab without the app.

“The IntelliTrans Kiosk was born out of our customers’ desire to improve site security and reduce close-contact processes during COVID,” adds Brian Flint, Global Director of Product Management at IntelliTrans. “The launch customer, a large forestry producer, wanted to improve safety for their drivers and employees. Adding kiosk to the IntelliTrans TMS allowed us to support their safety initiatives, but also extended the closed-loop processes of the IntelliTrans TMS all the way to the driver, making the whole process safer and much more efficient.”

The IntelliTrans Kiosk also offers the following:

● Illustrated instructions such as B. Local PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) requirements.

● Wireless interface to industrial illuminated signage that provides drivers with a real-time view of their position in line and instructions on exiting holding areas, eliminating the need for yard workers to be near hazardous equipment.

● Drivers can call directly from forklift operators via the IntelliTrans TMS Dock Schedule, which updates signage and notifies drivers via push notifications (when using the app) and text messages (when using the fixed kiosk).

● Multilingualism so all facilities can use the same standard operating processes.

“Dispatchers don’t have to leave the office area and risk injury,” adds Cupp. “A safety-focused company invested in further reducing the risk of injury on site by using the kiosk to keep drivers in their truck cabs and their employees away from high-risk areas.”

“The IntelliTrans Kiosk has also reduced waiting time by rewarding appointment compliance. The call-in queue prioritizes on-time pickups, and with scheduling, arrival, check-in and on-site movement all managed from one platform, good behavior is rewarded,” adds Flint. “Paperwork has been reduced, documentation is digitized and everyone involved benefits from a better experience.”

Shippers and carriers have found the IntelliTrans kiosk to be very useful in enhancing their relationship. Drivers are much happier with the streamlined workflow. Hauliers benefit from driver satisfaction and operational efficiencies. Efficiency gains are realized by all parties, improving the relationship between carrier and shipper.

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