Investor raises £300m to improve UK food supply chains

Isara, a new investment company specializing in the food industry, has raised its first fund, totaling £300m, aiming to transform the UK food supply.

The Leeds-based investor says it is “focused on improving the efficiency, quality and sustainability of food supply systems in the UK, Ireland and Western Europe”.

Isara plans to “invest in food production and distribution companies to help stabilize and improve the current ecosystem, which is undergoing structural changes caused by rising inflation, the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit and a growing commitment to sustainability will”.

The fund is backed by Sadel Group, another Yorkshire-based company investing in the real estate, cold storage and energy sectors.

Isara Partner Micheal Rice is leading the firm’s efforts after spending over a decade working with investments primarily in the food, logistics and business services industries.

Rice believes that funding is essential to sustaining food supply chains at this time, stating: “We are on the cusp of a potential food crisis in the UK. We believe that existing food production and supply chains have become inherently inefficient and are under unsustainable strain from a number of factors including the coronavirus crisis, rising energy costs, food inflation and financial market volatility.”

He continued: “At Isara, our fund is used to advocate for increasing the efficiency and sustainability of food systems to address the challenges of long-term underinvestment, labor supply challenges, supply chain security and sustainability.”

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