Körber supplies automated solutions for DB Schenker’s new distribution center

DB Schenker, a global logistics service provider, has a Partnered with German automation company Körber to deploy robotic and automation solutions at its new 18,000 m² (193,750 ft²) distribution center in Prague.

The agreement includes Körber’s deployment of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) as part of what the two companies have described as a “highly automated logistics ecosystem.”

The pair claim this is one of the largest AMR implementations of its kind in Eastern Europe and will reportedly involve the installation of a wide range of automation and software components.

According to DB Schenker and Körber, these solutions will include a large conveyor system, value-added services, a packing area, a crossbelt shipping sorter and more than 100 highly integrated AMRs, which will be supplied by Geek+, a partner of Körber.

Körber’s software solution is used to monitor the assignment of workflows to support efficient goods-to-person picking.

In addition, about 15 workstations will be equipped with advanced put-to-light and pick-by-light systems for improved ergonomics and performance, according to DB Schenker.

The site’s “automation ecosystem” will be designed so that systems are integrated and intertwined to improve warehouse performance and customer service.

“DB Schenker has achieved outstanding success as an early innovator in the Eastern European market since its inception,” said Ingo Brauckmann, Executive Vice President for Contract Logistics and SCM Europe at Schenker.

“As Covid-19 drives more consumers online, we are well positioned to expand and improve the service offering for our rapidly growing customer base.”

The two companies have collaborated on several previous projects in warehouse management software, automation, language and simulation and hope to have the automated solutions operational at the Prague site in early 2023.

“Our research has shown that more than three out of four companies make digitization and process automation a strategic priority,” says Dirk Hejnal, Chief Executive of Körber’s Supply Chain business unit.

“At the same time, issues surrounding workplace safety and workforce retention were greater than ever.

“That’s why we at Körber look forward to continuing our long-standing collaboration with Schenker.”

The relationship between Körber and DB Schenker dates back to 2006.

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