Logistics companies join campaign for safer roads

Road safety charity Brake is campaigning for Safe Roads for All as part of this year’s Road Safety Week, which starts today. The charity is supported by a variety of companies involved in the logistics industry.

Brake calls on “all employers to commit at board level to monitoring, reporting and improving road risk levels in their fleet and supply chains.” In addition, she wants “employers to ensure that all professional and commuter drivers are aware of the new Highway Code and the priority it gives to people on bicycles and on foot”.

The charity’s analysis of UK road accident data for 2021 found that there were 1,558 road fatalities across the country in 2021, of which 361 were pedestrians and 111 were cyclists.

It also found that of 27,450 road deaths and serious injuries, 1,078 involved trucks and 2,932 vans.

Brake Chief Executive Mary Williams OBE said: “Brakes National Road Victim Service sees the devastation caused by traffic accidents and cares for the bereaved and injured families. Employers have an important responsibility to help stop the carnage through operational risk management on the road, and can also help Brake with urgent funds we need so we can continue to care and campaign.”

One of this week’s corporate sponsors is DHL Supply Chain. It has worked with staff at its 400 UK locations to improve road safety and has organized public events using a truck simulator near some of its facilities.

DHL UK & Ireland Vice President Bob Naylor is proud to support Brake and his campaign this week: “Our Safety First culture not only strives to protect our colleagues on the road, but other vulnerable road users as well. DHL sites across the UK are preparing to participate in a variety of road safety activities that will share the theme’s messages and raise awareness that ‘Everyone’s Lives Matter’ on our roads.”

Over 240 employers involved in the operation of road vehicle fleets have signed up to take part in Road Safety Week and organized various events to support the cause. The way companies got involved varied: Tiger Trailers worked with local fire and rescue services in Cheshire to run road safety awareness workshops, and fleet management technology maker Trakm8 launched a competition to win ‘Britain’s ultimate road safety hero”.

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