Lufthansa is taking the German men’s soccer team to their training camp in Muscat ahead of the 2022 World Cup

As the official airline of the German men’s soccer team, Lufthansa operated a flight today, November 14, to bring their players, coaches and support staff to their training camp in Muscat (Oman). The aircraft used for the flight – an Airbus A330 – has a special livery that sends a clear message to the world: #DiversityWins!

Lufthansa stands for openness, tolerance, diversity and bringing people together. The company enables its customers from all nations and cultures to connect and welcomes everyone on board, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, nationality, identity or sexual orientation‘ the airline said, adding: ‘And it takes on the same message – that diversity wins! – airy and global thanks to the special “Fanhansa” livery, which she developed together with the illustrator Peter Phobia and applied to her Airbus A330 D-AIKK (see photo attached).”

The flight that will bring the German soccer men to their training camp is a scheduled flight via Muscat to Dubai. Today’s flight LH 632 will also welcome many other Lufthansa guests on board who are not part of the DFB World Cup delegation.

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