New research: Attracting and retaining the right employees is the number one concern for continued warehouse productivity

A recent survey commissioned by ProGlove, provider of wearable scanner solutions for human-centric productivity, found that 74 percent of warehouse managers are concerned about maintaining productivity levels in the warehouse.

In the current macroeconomic climate and global supply chain challenges, maximizing productivity has never been more important. One of the biggest barriers to maintaining productivity has been people, and 76 percent of warehouse workers say having the right people available was the top priority for maintaining or improving productivity.

Productivity is made or lost in the warehouse, so this insight from ground workers sheds much-needed light on the central role of staff in unlocking productivity gains.

42 percent of the ground workers surveyed named employee exhaustion and fatigue as major challenges in the warehouse. With ongoing bottlenecks in the labor market, there is a clear and current need for companies to prioritize worker well-being and build efficiencies around them, not despite.

Many companies overlook their workforce

Many organizations overlook their workforce and instead focus on automation, cost reduction and KPIs while neglecting the people directly impacted by these programs.

According to the survey, further prerequisites for sustainable success are the improvement of processes and workflows (72 percent) and the optimization of space and layout (66 percent). While this can lead to efficiencies, a well-resourced and highly motivated workforce is critical to improving warehouse productivity.

Ilhan Kolko, CPO of ProGlove, commented: “The results of our survey reveal the urgent need to apply human-centric technology products to provide better working conditions, higher productivity and improved customer service. Facilitating human-machine collaboration in the warehouse through wearable technology will not only improve workers, but also make them safer and happier.”

Human-centric productivity means creating efficiencies by retaining employees and giving them the tools to improve in their field. Putting people at the heart of increasing productivity protects your organization from labor shortages by ensuring you have a well-equipped and happy workforce.

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