Norwegian Consumer Council: “Use a credit card when buying tickets from Flyr, the company could go bankrupt”

It may be a good idea to wait until Tuesday to book plane tickets with Flyr airline. That it is the day when it is decided whether the company will go bankrupt or whether it can continue to operate.

When booking a trip with Flyr, you must remember to pay by credit card.‘, Senior Advisor Thomas Iversen from the Consumer Council told E24/Aftenposten. Travel insurance does not usually cover costs arising from bankruptcy. When paying by credit card, the risk passes to the credit card company.

If Flyr fails to raise over NOK 400 million in new equity by next Tuesday, it will likely be the end of the airline. But Flyr CFO Brede Huser says he’s confident the company will avoid bankruptcy.

Based on the feedback from our financial advisors and the investor meetings we have conducted over the past few weeks, the $430 million and low subscription price is required for the cash to be in place‘ Hauser wrote in an email.

source: TV2 news

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