Products and industries benefiting from Air Charter for Cargo

The advent of COVID-19 has changed many things in the business world and the transportation of cargo is no exception. With typical operations disrupted, the airline industry has had to adapt quickly with air charters to keep supply chains running amid the global crisis.

Since the outbreak of the entire pandemic in 2020, air cargo charters have evolved from serving niche markets to playing a role an unsung hero in help and relief.

Even as the airline industry is still struggling to recover from the effects of the pandemic, air charters continue to prove their benefits not only for businesses but for society at large.

This article summarizes the top five benefits of using air charter for cargo and the products and industries that need it most.

Top 5 advantages of air freight charters

Air freight charters offer many advantages over traditional commercial freight, but some of the most important are listed below:

1. Reliability

The first and foremost benefit of air cargo charters is reliability.

Because they cater to specific markets, charter brokers always find ways to overcome unique challenges and mitigate risk so their clients can rest assured that their cargo is handled efficiently.

Next to planning for the weather and other factors that may affect the transportationthey also develop backup plans to solve any problems that may arise.

With charter managers and specialists working behind the scenes, coordinating every phase of cargo transportation, you can be assured that operations will run smoothly.

2. Speed ​​and maintenance in remote areas

One of the main purposes of air charter services is to fill the gaps in air transportation, whether it be transporting passengers or cargo from point A to point B.

Commercial air freight has regular flights to various destinations, which means companies need to pre-book the transportation of their goods. However, this type of arrangement can fail in the face of interruption of broadcasts.

A scheduled flight may be delayed or cancelled, affecting the arrival of important production parts or products.

Accessibility to areas away from major travel destinations and airports could also be an issue. Such delays can also be costly for companies that handle perishable goods.

air charter offer a viable solution to all of this.

Operating under a unique set of policies, these private jets can fly you and your cargo to even the most remote areas of the world in the shortest possible time. That means you don’t have to worry about delays hampering the movement of your high-value, perishable goods.

3. Special transport

Charter flights are also better equipped to handle special cargo or items require special equipment or containers.

In addition to transporting a patient on life support or a person involved in medical emergencies, air ambulances and specialized cargo charters are also the best option when it comes to transporting organs for transplantation and other biological samples from one location to another.

4. Manageability

Air Charter can handle even the most urgent, complex and critical deliveries – the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that. In fact, this alternative freight service can be considered a valuable transport solution for time-critical and highly sensitive goods.

With air freight charters, you can even have those with temperature-controlled and highly regulated specifications (such as COVID-19 test kits) shipped with ease.

From hourly temperature checks to the use of temperature-controlled containers, these cargo transportation options can provide anything you will ever need.

5. Better safety and security

Airship travel also offers a high level of security due to the security and control implemented for cargo flights. Thanks to strict security guidelines at the airport the risk of damage and theft of the load is minimized.

This is even more true for private cargo charters where everything is overseen and controlled by a highly qualified and experienced charter manager.

5 Products and Industries Benefitting from Air Cargo Charter

From very important people to very important items, private air cargo charters offer better transportation alternatives for your business.

Below are five products and industries that benefit the most from freight charter:

1. Perishable Goods

Whether packaged, frozen, partially processed or even fresh, food is considered one of the most challenging products to transport around the world. This is mainly because of her short shelf life and the high probability of spoilage during transportation.

Unlike other products, spending several months on board a ship waiting to be transferred from port to port would not work for food. It is one of several goods that must arrive at their destination as quickly as possible.

This is the main reason Most food exports and imports are handled by air freight.

2. Live animals

Unlike non-living things, living animals—whether livestock or pets— require a certain level of respect and dignity during transport across the country or abroad. This also makes them perfect candidates for air freight travel.

Shipping animals requires a number of things, including safe accommodation, health certificates and sufficient food to get through the whole journey. Countermeasures must also be taken to ensure that these creatures are not exposed to low temperatures in the cargo hold.

3. Help and relief

In humanitarian efforts, logistics and transportation should be carefully integrated and tailored to the specific needs of the operation.

That said efficient, effective and fast delivery of supplies and helping those who need it could be a complex matter.

In these situations, relief cargo charters are often the only way to get to remote locations and the only transportation option to reach those in need. These, like air ambulances, serve a life-saving purpose, particularly with isolated populations and underdeveloped areas where accessibility is virtually non-existent.

4. Medical Devices and Specimens

Besides transporting a patient on life support, air ambulances and specialized cargo charters are also the best options when it comes to this organs for transplantation and other biological samples.

Other devices and equipment with specific packaging and transportation requirements, such as the previously mentioned COVID-19 test kits, can also be shipped via air charter.

5. High value and fragile items

Transporting art and other fragile and valuable items is never as easy as it seems. In addition to safe packaging, you also need to consider handling during transit.

Shipping these precious items can be difficult, even with air freight. With private air freight, special precautions can be taken to ensure your investment is safe and secure.

Air freight to the rescue

Whether it is a health emergency, a natural disaster or the transportation of extremely critical goods, air charter offers a valuable solution to your shipping needs.

Consider the top benefits listed here and decide if air charter cargo is the best choice for your business.

Air Charter article and permission to publish here provided by Chiyako Ikeda. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 23, 2021.

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