PS5 fans rejoice as Sony says console production has ramped up again

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After supply shortages hampered operations earlier in the year, Sony says production of its PS5 console has ramped up again as supply and logistics constraints eased over the past quarter.

Sony admitted in May that the PS5 supply would likely fall short of demand due to supply shortages. Now, however, the company appears to be back on track.

The electronics maker produced 6.5 million PS5 units during the quarter, beating forecasts, executive deputy president and CFO Hiroki Totoki said during a earnings call for the second quarter.

Despite a price hike earlier in the year, the CFO said the company is seeing continued strong PS5 demand. Sony is now aiming to surpass its FY22 forecast of 18 million PS5 units.

“In September, it took an average of 17.5 hours for 100,000 units to sell out after they arrived,” Totoki said. “To meet this strong demand, we will do our utmost to bring the supply forward into the Christmas sales season at the end of the year.”

PS5 production in the quarter was not significantly impacted by semiconductor and other parts shortages, according to Totoki, which hurt productivity earlier in the year.

“In Q2 6.5 million units, we’re capable of producing that amount and PS5 sales are on track,” he said. “And that’s why we can have faster production for production.”

Strong demand for the PS5 puts the console on track to surpass the PS4, which CFO says is Sony’s goal for the coming months.

“So that’s the challenge we’ve set ourselves. So if we can manage 18 million this year, next year we’ll manage over 23 million,” Totoki told investors. And next year we will be able to surpass PS4. So this will be the goal for now.

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