Renewed cooperation with Jeunes Restaurateurs: new gourmet menus on board TUI fly Belgium flights

TUI fly Belgium is again introducing gourmet menus on board its aircraft for passengers in Fly Deluxe (short and medium haul) and Deluxe (long haul). These new menus have been prepared in collaboration with world-renowned young chefs from Jeunes Restaurateurs (JRE). The partnership dates back to 2008 but was temporarily suspended due to health measures during the Corona crisis.

This winter season, TUI fly Belgium customers Fly Deluxe (short and medium haul) and Deluxe (long haul) can again enjoy gourmet meals on board, prepared by the world-renowned chefs of Jeunes Restaurateurs (JRE). This partnership was also rolled out for VIP Selection, the brand within TUI that serves the luxury segment. As a quality component of an exclusive vacation, these travelers enjoy JRE menus at many hotels’ local restaurants.

The new menus offered on board are the result of close collaboration between two teams, namely the chefs from JRE and the chefs from GateGourmet Brussels, TUI’s in-flight catering partner. Together with TUI Airline’s Customer, Cabin and Inflight Services department, they ensure that their exquisite menus are served with quality even at an altitude of 10,000 metres.

Jill Nye, Director of Customer, Cabin and Inflight Services at TUI Airline: “Now that the Covid-related safety measures have been lifted, we are delighted to be able to offer this culinary experience on board again. TUI Airline is proud to partner with Jeunes Restaurateurs and we look forward to hearing from our customers about the new menus“.

Jeunes Restaurateurs chefs use local and seasonal ingredients. The meals, based on French finesse, contribute to a more luxurious flight experience. Fly Deluxe and Deluxe customers have been able to enjoy this since November 1st and can choose between a vegetarian, meat or fish dish.

Olivier Bauche, President of JRE Belgium: “The chefs from JRE Belgium are delighted that we have resumed cooperation with TUI, because it is so nice to start or end your holiday with a good meal on board. With the “Inspired by JRE Belgium” dishes, not only are our chefs in the kitchen, but we have created a great cooperation with the catering department of TUI fly.

At the long-haul destinations, the meals for the return flight to Brussels are put together and prepared by a local catering partner.

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