RoadSync brings payment platform with fullbay deal to maintenance workshops

RoadSync, a multi-payment truck payment platform, is expanding its presence in truck maintenance payments.

His new partner is Fullbay, whose main product is a workshop management platform.

The basic idea behind RoadSync, according to CEO Robin Gregg, is that “it makes it easy for merchants to accept all these forms of payment” as it ticked a variety of ways payments could be made from a trucking company to sellers. RoadSync secures these payments across its platforms. RoadSync is specific to the transportation industry.

The new relationship with Fullbay means that RoadSync’s payment system will now be embedded into the Fullbay platform. Payments supported by RoadSync can now be processed via Fullbay.

Truckers can pay for their expenses using a variety of payment methods: cards like Comdata, fleet checks, personal credit cards, and so on. A payment system allows the merchant to accept these different types of payment forms with the support of this system, which stands in the middle between the consumer and his card or bank on the one hand and the merchant on the other.

“Fullpay is the maintenance industry’s largest enterprise resource planning system, so they support the back office,” said Gregg. “They are doing a great job of getting broad coverage in the US market.”

In formally announcing the deal with Fullbay, RoadSync said the system will be enabled by allowing workshops using Fullbay to “use RoadSync’s fleet payment APIs within their existing Fullbay account to accept fleet checks and fleet cards and manage”.

“Through this partnership, RoadSync will help accelerate and reduce back-office workloads, enable fuel card and fleet check acceptance, and provide Fullbay with an essential feature for its robust shop management platform,” the statement said.

Gregg said Fullbay is now set up to accept some forms of payment, such as credit and debit cards. However, by linking to RoadSync, a wider range of payment methods will now be available.

Patrick McKittrick, CEO of Fullbay, said in the prepared statement his company “constantly innovates to provide the best commercial maintenance solution and this partnership allows us to ensure fleet payment collection and processing runs smoothly.” We see this as a great win for both organizations in terms of improving payment solutions for commercial workshops.”

RoadSync introduced a new product, RoadSync Advance, earlier this year, expanding the ability for brokers and carriers to make payments using the RoadSync system. The original system was aimed at drivers on the road, and its roots lie in a product that allowed drivers on the road to make payments to lumpers.

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