SATO and Loftware unveil NiceLabel Cloud, a cloud-based RFID encoding and logging solution

SATO, the global provider of auto-ID and labeling solutions, and Loftware, the global provider of enterprise labeling and artwork management solutions, have announced what they say is the world’s first cloud-based RFID tag encoding and logging solution brought to market.

The solution, which uses SATO’s Loftware RFID printers, tags and NiceLabel cloud software, is designed to meet manufacturers’ strictest track and trace, brand authenticity and authentication requirements.

The first-to-market solution logs the EPC2 and unique tag ID for each encoded tag, enabling closed-loop tagging. By logging and mapping the EPC and unique ID to the database via NiceLabel Cloud, the SATO solution automatically keeps a unique record of each tag after encoding, allowing users to know exactly which factory, country and printer it is has generated.

Loftware NiceLabel is available on premise and in the cloud. Customers can start with an on-premise solution and then migrate to the cloud as they scale their labeling across applications, facilities and countries.

In addition to central data management, this additional level of automation ensures compliance with traceability requirements and eliminates the possibility of counterfeiting. It complements the range of RFID products already available for item-level traceability.

In the US, EU, China, Japan and other countries, more and more medical devices are required to carry a unique device identification number (UDI) to adequately identify devices implanted in the body. Serialization is a crucial tool for regulators in many countries to demonstrate the validity of medicines. It also allows manufacturers to trace individual items back to their origin – the factory – to provide supply chain visibility and know if a given item is genuine or counterfeit.

Fighting counterfeiting is also crucial for brands as they try to prove the authenticity of their products. In 2021, Amazon alone identified, seized and disposed of over 3 million counterfeit products intended for sale to consumers3. Counterfeiting is a risk for e-commerce players, manufacturers and consumers alike, and the global anti-counterfeiting packaging market is expected to grow by 45% between 2018 and 20264.

“With today’s ‘always-on’ supply chain, large companies print and encode millions of labels annually at multiple locations. Therefore, they need a globally integrated platform like Loftware’s NiceLabel Cloud for central data and print management,” said Paul Vogt, Loftware Vice President Channel and Alliances Strategies and Programs.

“Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their use of data for digital transformation to create transparency across their supply chain, and this new level of traceability will increase efficiencies and enable more sustainable operations,” added Yoichi Abe, Vice President of SATO Holdings Corporation , who oversees SATO’s global business. “As pioneers of on-site data collection, you can count on us to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.”

SATO’s CT4-LX desktop printer and CL4/6NX Plus industrial printer line are compatible with Loftware’s NiceLabel Cloud RFID tagging solution.

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