SATO Europe launches RAIN RFID asset management solution ASETRA to increase operational efficiencies

SATO has launched its RAIN RFID1 based asset management solution ASETRA in Europe. The easy-to-deploy system of RFID tags, RFID printers, and desktop reader/writers accurately and easily tracks and manages assets throughout the supply chain.

With the increasing demand for RFID asset management and tool tracking for returnable goods from healthcare to manufacturing and beyond, there is now a growing need for track and trace solutions to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy while reducing system development costs .

The ASETRA software installed in the handheld readers can switch between RFID and barcodes and 2D codes in order to remain flexible within existing work processes.

Eckhard Wernich, Product Manager for Solutions at SATO Europe, commented: “Recent data has shown that up to 14% of retailers count their inventory manually using pen and paper2. SATO’s ASETRA solution is designed to eliminate the need to manually count inventory such as office supplies in a warehouse or mission-critical healthcare equipment, saving employees significant time and reducing the window for human error.”

The solution, which enables operators to inventory, track and search all inventory assets in one system, is designed to meet today’s supply chain challenges with cost-saving techniques. “Companies can easily install ASETRA without any technical knowledge by automatically assigning existing asset numbers to RFID tags,” Eckhard continues. “It also pairs with a range of readers that work with all types of assets and works with existing asset management databases using the CSV file format for easy compatibility.

“Combined with SATO CLNX Plus or CT4-LX label printers and SATO AEP (Application Enabled Printing), it unlocks value by visualizing and encoding the correct identity on RFID tags. For example, AEP allows operators to display an on-screen message to install the correct roll of labels before an asset tag or location label is printed. This not only eliminates the risk of printing an incorrect label, but also reduces unnecessary wasted costs due to human error.”

In addition to the benefits that ASETRA offers for faster inventory taking, it also has multiple site permissions. Specifically designed for companies that want to assign management permissions to employees working in maintenance as vehicle technicians or in remote office locations away from the company’s main location, it allows users to set viewing and operating permissions for each job site and thus operations to improve efficiency.

“At SATO we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services to be at the forefront of customer-centric innovation. Solutions that can help save time and reduce costs are a vital lifeline for businesses in today’s economic outlook. For businesses looking to take control of their assets, the ASETRA solution is the digital bridge to faster, accurate, and efficient inventory and loan tracking operations,” concluded Eckhard.

Reference: 1. RAIN, derived from “RAdio frequency IdentificatioN”, uses the GS1 UHF Gen2 protocol standardized by ISO/IEC as 18000-63.

2.Shopify, 2021.

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