Unlock the full potential of supply chain resilience surveys

Through Morris A. Cohen, Shiliang Cui, Sabastian Doetsch, Ricardo Ernst, Arnd Huchzermeier, and Panos Kouvelis · November 7, 2022 There has been no shortage of supply chain disruptions lately. Similarly, supply chain leaders have not lacked in efforts to develop strategies to accommodate and overcome these disruptions and increase supply chain resilience. Unfortunately, the glitches … Read more

Build a playbook to implement supply chain resilience

Through Sumantra Sengupta · November 7, 2022 My article “Risk Management in Times of Extreme Uncertainty” appeared in the July 2020 issue of SCMR. The world had just woken up to the first quarter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chains were disrupted globally and turnaround times from order to delivery or O2D had suddenly increased … Read more

are you resilient – Review of supply chain management

Through SCMR staff · November 7, 2022 are you resilient It’s not an idle question. If there’s one word I’ve heard at every supply chain event I’ve attended this year, it’s resilience. It is of course a reaction to the last few years in supply chain management. I think it’s fair to say supply chains … Read more

Leadership and planning in an ambiguous world

Through Theodor Klein · November 7, 2022 Imagine you are sailing when a violent storm is gathering on the horizon. In minutes, your comfortable day on the water has turned into a nightmare, with 10-foot waves nearly rendering your boat inoperable. The sails flap, the noise is deafening and trying to navigate is utterly useless, … Read more