Taking advantage of software offerings means looking beyond price

Through Virginia Lantz · November 14, 2022 Your company’s software license renewal is coming up and you expect tough contract renegotiations. The company wants to add more licenses and new products, but they also expect a potential price increase. You haven’t budgeted heavily, but you want to empower your team and ensure you’re getting the … Read more

Increase the accuracy of supply chain decisions with integrated data management and AI

appointment timeThursday, November 3, 2022 2:00 p.m moderationBob Trebilcock, Editor-in-Chief, Peerless Media panelistsVijaya Neela, President and CEO, aThingz Venkat Ivaturi, Chief Technology Officer, aThingz View archive! Companies are investing heavily in supply chain analytics and AI solutions. Often the ROI and goal of these investments are not achieved. Learn how aThingz helps organizations set up … Read more

Accelerating digital transformation with ESG compliance initiatives

Through Pawan Kr Singh · November 2, 2022 Supply chain management market awareness has never been better or less well known. Global geopolitical and macroeconomic ecosystem conditions, regulations and disruptions are challenging every aspect of the supply network complexity, from sourcing to last mile delivery and everything in between. Executives face operating model changes as … Read more