Pickle Robot is a pioneer in automatic truck unloading

Pickle Robot Company, a provider of AI-enabled robotic automation systems for truck unloading, announced that it has live pilot implementations unloading tens of thousands of packages per month at customer sites in the greater Los Angeles area. The company has also raised $26 million in Series A funding led by Ranpak, JS Capital, Schusterman Family … Read more

3PLs: Complete jobs faster with flexible automation

To meet the growing demands of e-commerce and fill the labor shortage, 3PLs are accelerating automation in their facilities. However, traditional automation solutions may not provide the flexibility needed to meet the unique needs of different customers. Learn why traditional automation systems are falling short and why 3PLs are choosing flexible automation to increase efficiencies … Read more

Taking advantage of software offerings means looking beyond price

Through Virginia Lantz · November 14, 2022 Your company’s software license renewal is coming up and you expect tough contract renegotiations. The company wants to add more licenses and new products, but they also expect a potential price increase. You haven’t budgeted heavily, but you want to empower your team and ensure you’re getting the … Read more

Historic autonomous vehicle hits the road

Through SCMR staff · October 27, 2022 Goods mobility technology company Einride has successfully completed a pilot project for Einride’s autonomous electric vehicle on public roads. After receiving the first U.S. approval to operate this new type of vehicle from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) earlier this year, Einride completed this industry first … Read more

Four steps to building resilience in healthcare provider supply chains

The critical role the supply chain plays in healthcare systems has been brought to light during the pandemic. Up to this point, the function of the supply chain was considered transactional, with a focus on buying the right product at the right price and ensuring items arrived on time and in the right place to … Read more