The advantages of a weighbridge for your company

As companies grow in this era of technology, they aim to increase their efficiency and productivity. Technology makes businesses more efficient and productive in the best possible way. The development of weighing technologies, such as e.g. B. a weighbridge, contributes to increasing the efficiency of companies.

A weighbridge is a device used to measure the weight of loaded/unloaded trucks and vehicles. It is also used to manage the incoming and outgoing vehicles. Today’s weighbridges are so advanced that they provide data on stock levels.

Let’s explore all the benefits of a weighbridge for a business.

Saves time

Weighbridge accessories increase the effectiveness of your weighing functions. This includes technologies such as “Driver Operated Consoles” that allow the driver to complete the charging process from the cab, thus completing the process much faster.

In addition, you can also install vehicle barriers and guardrails to control traffic flow and prevent vehicles from falling off the weighbridge. These barriers allow for a more regulated system to be installed and reduce costs associated with damage caused by vehicles on the platform.

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Saves costs

If a truck isn’t fully loaded, it can cause the company a loss, meaning what should have increased its revenue is lost due to partially loaded vehicles. When using a weighbridge, however, the space in the vehicle is used optimally.

As you may already know, overcharging increases wear and tear on vehicles and shortens their lifespan. A weighbridge can help a company avoid overloading vehicles. This means companies save a lot of money by avoiding overcharging.

Driver control terminal

With driver-operated terminals, a company can harness the true power of the weighbridge on an unmanned weighbridge station. There is a simple driver interface that can be voice activated and simplifies the whole process of getting vehicles in and out of your premises. The terminals have unlimited storage of information about the driver, supplier, weight and product, so you have all the data you need to operate.

Improves security

No one should feel insecure at work if they want to work with hope. A weighbridge gives drivers peace of mind that the vehicle they are driving is fully compliant and fit for the purpose for which it is being used.

In addition, avoiding vehicle overload promotes the safety of other road users and minimizes damage to road surfaces, overpasses and bridges. From a road safety point of view, it is therefore important to load vehicles correctly; Weighbridge is one of the best ways to do this.

traffic regulation

When you follow an automated weighbridge system, you don’t have to rely on drivers entering and leaving the premises responsibly. To support this, automated traffic management systems can be combined with driver-controlled weighbridge terminals, meaning you still have complete control over the number of vehicles entering and exiting your premises without worrying about congestion.

license plate recognition

Your license plate recognition cameras, sometimes referred to as ANPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) cameras, integrate with automated weighbridge software to make automating your weighbridge easy. This means you can get an extra layer of security for your website, allowing for smooth data transfers with your database.

Fast supply chain management

If you play an integral role in the supply chain of your industry or a specific product, an accelerated system for inbound and outbound vehicles will have a tremendous impact. As a faster, more reliable company, you can present your customers with leaders in their fields and solutions to their problems.

An added bonus: In times like a COVID-19 pandemic or other crisis, an accelerated supply chain can help keep the economy running and ensure critical supplies and equipment are delivered to those who need them.


Fines and penalties for overloaded vehicles are a waste of money. You do not have to pay such penalties. A weighbridge ensures that your vehicle complies with legal regulations, especially in relation to payload.

Increased productivity

Productivity and efficiency guarantee profits in every company. By installing a weighbridge, companies can practice the optimal loading of the vehicles at any time. Therefore, don’t waste your time and effort to reload the truck load.

Advanced vehicle management

That may come as a surprise, but it’s true. A weighbridge can act as a comprehensive vehicle management system that interacts with other business software to perform detailed analysis and generate reports. A company can optimize its fleet management operations using such analytics and reports.

customer protection

By using Weighbridge to get accurate vehicle measurements, you can protect customers who buy products from your fleet.

Since the price of many products depends on their weight, it is important to ensure that your weighing equipment and the procedures provided are sufficient to protect consumers from incorrect product weights.

Even honest businesses can fall victim to poor customer satisfaction and complaints if they are not confident that their team is always generating the right data, as this can inadvertently mislead consumers.

software integration

Many new machines have bridge weighting software that allows them to communicate data and information with other systems for future use in business activities.

In addition, they can also communicate with common software packages such as SEZ and SAP. This reduces the time it takes to transfer data between computers and helps make tasks like bookkeeping and reporting more efficient.

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Weighbridge Closing words

These are some of the best benefits a weighbridge can bring to your business. It saves time and cost for your business and also increases its efficiency and productivity.

They also allow you to make the process safer for your employees and customers. Automatic scales help you to optimally serve and retain your customers.

Weighbridge article and permission to publish here by Emily Bartels. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on November 4th, 2020.

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