The Belgian Minister of Mobility announces stricter noise standards at Brussels Airport

According to the newspaper, Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet wants to subject Brussels airport to stricter noise standards so that airlines can modernize their fleets more quickly The time.

I think it is absolutely necessary to review the maximum allowable noise quota at Brussels National Airport in order to encourage airlines to renew their fleets as soon as possibleAccording to a general policy document by Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet.

The aim is to reduce the “noise effect” of air traffic, particularly at the most sensitive times of the day (early in the morning, at night and late in the evening, but also on weekends and public holidays).

In addition to the planned restrictions on operations, a mechanism for modulating the fees levied by air traffic controllers can be developed by revising the permissible noise levels depending on the time of day and weekday skeyesadds the document.

The new system is scheduled to be implemented in early 2023.

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